Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Oo-Larr Review

This is what you wanted people, isn’t it?  Naked He-Man.  Or should I say Oo-Lar, heroic master of Oolong Tea.

If you are a subscriber to Club Eternia then this is your club exclusive figure: the most naked man in the universe!  Well he isn’t completely naked since he still has a loincloth, but the good news is that this is the first time we’ve seen He-Man’s feet in plastic form.  Check off another “first” for the Masters of the Universe Classics action figure line!

Masters of the Universe Classics – Oo-Larr
Release Date: 03/16/2015 (Club Eternia Exclusive)
Price: $26.00
Title: The Jungle He-Man

Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr

It’s nice to finally have Oo-Larr.  It’s one of those names, similar to Prahvus, that I read on so many “most wanted” lists so I have to assume a large part of the collector community is breathing a sigh of relief.  He was never on my list.  I believe that my most wanted list has actually all been attained now that Sssqueeze is slated for a June release.  I’m not very deep into Masters of the Universe lore.  The entire 200x subscription for me is a bunch of “these are awesome figures, who are they again?

This is a savage He-Man though.  He’s got savage gritting teeth, savage eyebrows, and savage long blonde locks.  He comes from a world ripe with dinosaurs … dinosaurs the toy line is severely lacking.  Remember how hot Dinobots were last year?  Mattel you missed out on an opportunity here.  Tyrantisaurus Rex could have been a Classics reality!  Or that Gigantisaur that never happened?  I’d trade in all the Snake Mountains in the world for that thing to finally see plastic.  He would be a fitting vehicle for my Oo-Larr.

For now Oo-Larr will live in a world with no official MOTUC dinosaurs.

Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr

Like most of the subscription exclusive He-Men, Oo-Larr’s true strength is in the accessory selection.  He comes with a savage spear, a mini comic inspired sword, an extra vintage head, and a comic book.  The spear is very fitting (and savage) for the character.  It’s also very detailed with the warhead having scratches and nicks in it.  The sword doesn’t really fit the character (at least for me) so that can go into my giant accessory bin until I find a good character to hold it.  If you’ve read the other mini comics then you know what to expect.  I put it in the same category as the bios, they really aren’t worth reading and especially not worth getting upset over.  The art is nice.

Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr

Finally we come to the head, which was more than likely the biggest draw for this figure.  It’s fair to say that people have been clamoring for a pure vintage style head to put on a Classics body.  Well the head is finally here, and the Four Horsemen did not disappoint.  It looks just like the vintage head updated to fit the new MOTUC bodies.  It’s really well done and probably worth the asking price of the whole figure.

Honestly, since third-party vendors have been asking $30 or so for painted vintage heads this really is a fantastic deal!

Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr

There is one minute issue with the vintage head having a seam line across the bangs.  It isn’t too obvious at first, but once you see it it’s impossible not to notice going forward.  I think the only other issue I have with the figure in general is that there is something that doesn’t look right with the bare feet.  I think that the ankles are slightly too fat to go into those smaller feet, and this is most likely due to the lower leg’s mold being sculpted to flow into a shoe or boot.  You can’t really make his dogs any bigger otherwise He-Man would be rocking some clown feet.

Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr

Oo-Larr is a good man and a pretty great choice for the club exclusive.  Certainly better than last year’s slack-lipped King He-Man … although to his credit he also had an awesome weathered Power Sword accessory.  I don’t think any exclusive is going to beat Shadow Weaver, but this one comes close to a pretty strong second.  He’s easily worth the $26 price I paid when subscribing, but of course if you are not in the cool guy Club Eternia it’s probably going to be a bit more.  I’d go as far to say I’d probably pay $50 – $60 to obtain him if I wasn’t subscribing.  Mostly because I’d be saving myself by not having to buy every figure this year (those Terror Claws and Laser Light two-packs are going to SUCKKKKKKK!).  If you want to try and track one down I’d monitor Amazon and hope the price drops a bit.

Mattel MOTUC Oo-Larr


7 thoughts on “Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Oo-Larr Review”

  1. I was one of the weirdos who really wanted this action figure. I really loved the original mini-comics story. Well, maybe they weren’t the best stories, but I liked the setup that Eternia was a bit of a wasteland after some huge war, and remnants of technology past was scattered around.
    I will say, I am a little disappointed with the vintage head. I think the sculpt is great, but it’s a big too small (much smaller than the standard MOTUC He-man head) and sits too high on the neck (opposite of the issue we saw with Blade).
    Also, I don’t pay attention to the MOTUC bios or the comics, but I just read the comic that came with Oo-lar, and my reaction is [SPOILERS]:

    Since when did Eternians talk in this sort of regal, not really regal, way? Why does Adam’s and Teela’s marriage have to be secret? If the marriage is secret, that means Dare was a secret, so is Dare some super weird anti-social kid because he’s been cooped up in a castle with his mom for 15 years? How pissed is the grandmother queen going to be once she finds out she’s had a grandkid she could have been loving on for over a decade just down the road? What’s the point of putting away the power sword when you just carry around your backup anyway? Good thing He-ro just happens to look like he can be cobbled together from pre-existing figures, what a break for the toy company! Why did Desponda just take He-man’s word that the assassin was right there? Wow, everything was resolved quickly. Wow, everything just escalated quickly.

    1. Hm interesting point on the vintage head being small. I never really noticed, even when I was swapping them around. It definitely looks smaller in comparison to the original Classics He-Man head, but I think that has more to do with the face being more full. The 200x head also looks a tad bit small as well, and I think it’s the same thing with the cheeks being much more slender.

      It does sit a bit high on the neck though. I think I almost prefer that though since like every figure in the last year has sat a little too low on the neck. Oh MOTUC, you are just all over the place!

  2. I was excited about the vintage head but it does look a bit small and it looks a bit odd sitting so high on the neck. I actually prefer the Oo-Lar head now.

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