Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman Review

Jessica Drew has been a damn elusive gal for me to track down.  I’ve still never seen her or her other female companion, Spider-Girl, out in the wild yet.  So my Hobgoblin is still without a head, unfortunately.  Before I start I have to give a shout out to Dr. Rampageo from Doomkick, who overheard my frustrations and was able to score me a Jessica.  I’ve had a preorder in through Amazon that is scheduled to ship next week, so while I’m anxious I’m also relieved that Hobgoblin will be complete soon.  Along with Thanos!

* Sorry I don’t have any carded pictures since I asked the Doc to ship them loose.

Hasbro is still killing it with their female figures.  They seem to be in a really good spot right now as far as balancing sculpt and articulation on their Marvel Legends’ females.  The legs are built very similar to Spider-Man’s, but they also include the calf swivel that people love so much.  Another nice thing is that Hasbro has multiple size points for female figures.  The smaller sized Spider-Women are almost a head shorter than the likes of a Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch.  Variety of height is the true spice of life!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman

The real draw to this figure is the costume.  It’s minimalist but has such a nice maroon color!  Ultimate costumes generally make nice action figures but lousy comics.

I’m conflicted on her hair.  I like that it isn’t just hanging down and obstructing her ability to position her head.  On the other hand, her hair being sculpted to be wind-blown to the left makes certain poses look silly.  There is also a giant seem across the bangs.  Now that I noticed it on Oo-Larr’s alternate head I wee it everywhere.  I may have ruined action figures for myself.  The paintwork is pretty good.  There is some bleed on her left eye and a few nicks on her costume.  It’s nothing unexpected for a mass-retail release.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman

Ultimate Spider-Woman is a pretty solid release.  It’s probably to be expected that most people who buy this figure probably haven’t read the comic since apparently nobody is reading whatever is going on in the Ultimate universe.  The nice thing about her is she’s a good looking figure. These Hasbro Spider-Man waves have been pretty decent about introducing us to a variety non Spider-Man characters.  Remember the olden days of getting a wave of one villain and three phoned-in Spider-Man variants?  Now we get a whole wave with a fun build-a-figure and minimal dumb variants!  We’re this much closer to finally getting my favorite villain: The Big Wheel!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman

Ultimate Spider-Woman can be preordered on Amazon right now, then she’ll ship next week!  Do it!  Do it nowwwwww!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman


2 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Woman Review”

  1. Great review! I haven’t seen either of the Spider-females in a store yet, either. I do have Spider-girl and non-ultimate Spider-woman on pre-order through amazon. I like this costume, but I want to see what Spider-girl is like before I decide to double dip on this body sculpt.
    I had to google who this character was. I didn’t know she was the ultimate universe’s Jessica Drew. I’m confused why her hair is brown and not black, and why she’s on the teenage body instead of an adult. Oh well, like you said, I don’t know anyone who actually keeps up with the ultimate universe anymore.

    1. In the Ultimate universe she is a female clone of Peter Parker, but I guess she keeps the same name.

      I had to look it up too, haha!

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