Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTUC

Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

I was a bit shocked at how low-key Mattel’s Mattycollector event was at this year’s Toy Fair.  It wasn’t like it was bad or even lacking.  It was just kind of quiet.  Part of that could be attributed to it being very early in the morning.  It was originally planned for Saturday, but I will assume Mattel decided to move it due to a timing conflict with Hasbro.  It may not have been that either.  It very well could have been that this is the first panel that was not hosted by former brand manager Scott Neitlich.  Instead we had a few fellows from Mattel welcome us and then they walked the floor taking our questions.  It was fine … but again, quiet.

The other interesting thing about this panel was that they didn’t quite show everything at the Javits Center.  Every figure shown was a final production sample, but there were no prototypes on the premises.  For instance we were teased a couple of days before Toy Fair with a picture of a spiky tail belonging to Ceratus.  He was not actually at the show.  However he was shown later on Mattycollector.  It’s interesting.  Perhaps they have decided they are not going to show prototypes at shows anymore.  It wouldn’t be the worst decision in the world as often times they end up showing features or accessories that don’t end up costing out.

So anyway, let’s take a look at what we have planned for the latter part of 2015.


First off the big news which should come as a shock to nobody: Club 200x!

Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTUC Club 200x

Go ahead and read that whole sign and then report back.

Good?  Good!

The basics of this subscription is that there will be a total of six figures and one club exclusive accessory pack.  Every figure will be the basic figure price of $26, and that includes the accessory pack.  So the total paid over six months (before shipping) is $182.  Are you a bad enough dude to put down $182 on some fly 200x Masters of the Universe Classics?  I am.  The club will start off with the following figures:

Club 200X
July – Calix
August – Evil Seed and Club Exclusive Heads of Eternia Accessory Pack
October – Ceratus

Three more figures remain, and if I heard right they plan to reveal the entire lineup around the registration date of February 23, 2015.  Registration will run for a month.  I had asked if they plan to bring out the whole thermometer circus this time around.  They said that they hope not to, so maybe we can rest easy during this subscription drive!

Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTUC 200x Ceratus

As I previously mentioned Ceratus was not there so this is the best we can do.

Club Eternia reveals are as follows:

Club Eternia
July – Peekablue
August – Mara

Honestly Mara may be my favorite reveal of the day.  She’s just a very well done figure.  Peekablue seems fine, but after last year I think I am reaching my Princess of Power saturation point.  No offense to the lovely ladies of course.

I was able to catch shots of a few bios, Calix:

Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTUC 200x Calix Bio

Evil Seed:

Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTUC 200x Evil Seed Bio


Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTUC Mara Bio

So that’s what we come out of today with.  I’m pretty sure there are going to be a few more BIG reveals coming later this year.  Today’s Toy Fair panel seemed quiet, but I have faith there are some big things brewing for MOTUC.


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