Toy Fair 2015 Qmx 1/6 Scale Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek

Toy Fair 2015: Qmx 1/6 Scale Picard and Malcolm Reynolds

Star Trek 1/6 scale figures?  Looks like they are a reality now.  Qmx blew people away at New York Comic Convention last year with their 1/6 scale Malcolm Reynolds figure of Firefly fame.  It has a great Nathan Fillian likeness, comes packed with accessories, and includes a high quality tailored outfit.  Qmx decided to make a splash at Tor Fair this year by starting off their foray into Star Trek 1/6 market with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  He is based off of his appearance in Star Trek: First Contact; again a great choice!  His accessories will magnetically attach to his belt.

We have been told that Captain Picard is still a fairly early sample, so we may still see changes and tweaks by the next time they show him off.  Mal is pretty far along in the process at this point and we can possibly expect a release this year!  Enjoy the pictures we took at Qmx’s Toy Fair booth, and check back because we have a few more items (of the non 1/6 scale variety) to show off from Quantum Mechanix.


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