Toy Fair 2015 Funko Legacy Six-Inch Firefly

Toy Fair 2015: Funko Legacy Firefly, Rocketeer, and Evolve

Funko has a gigantic booth and there is absolutely no way I can cover it all.  So I pick and choose the stuff I think it is pretty cool … which I guess is what I do anyway, so why stop now?  Funko has finally shown off two pretty desirable properties in the six-inch Legacy scale: Firefly and The Rocketeer.  The last time we almost got a Rocketeer figure in six-inch scale was in a planned third Legendary Comic Book Heroes wave by what was Toybiz.  Realistically we also found that out well after the company had closed down.  But knowing we were that close was pretty painful.

Toy Fair 2015 Funko Legacy Six-Inch Rocketeer

Finally a Rocketeer is in sight, and almost ready to ship to retail!  He’s expected to hit shelves around June 2015, and comes with a gun and alternate head.  Also that is a ReAction Jaws behind him; I left it in the picture because it’s cool as hell!

Next we have Firefly.  I know fans have been clamoring for them so here they finally are.  Breakdown for the wave is as follows:

01: Malcolm Reynolds
02: Jayne Cobb
03: Kaylee Frye
04: Hoban Washburne
05: Zoe Washburne

Finally we have the entire cast and one of the monsters from Evolve.  The monster is still a little small to scale with the figures, but it would have probably been too ambitious to actually make a giant to scale monster.  Especially for an untested new IP.  I still haven’t tried out Evolve since the early beta, it’s sitting in my Steam library so maybe one day I’ll install it.  But 33 gigs is slightly annoying to download.


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