Toy Fair 2015 The Coop Team Fortress 2

Toy Fair 2015: The Coop TF2 and Portal 2

To put it lightly I was thrilled to see that The Coop plans to make a second series of their Team Fortress 2 Portable Mercs series.  It looks as though they plan to finish the cast with this one as well.  While they didn’t have much on display for this second series we were able to see a very early prototype of the Medic and a bomb from the Payload map.  I would have to assume that the bomb will replace the slot that the Sentry Guns took up in the first wave.  Then of course we can expect a Heavy, Demoman, and Sniper to finish off the cast of nine.

Here are some pictures of the unpainted bomb and Medic prototypes.

In addition to the Team Fortress 2 Portable Mercs The Coop has a nice selection of plush, bags, scarves, and key chains.  The Bandolier Scarf based off of the Heavy is one of my personal favorites.

Check out the awesome items The Coop has coming out for Portal 2, including this amazing ceramic Lemon Grenade Mug.  It actually has a pull-pin!


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