Toy Fair 2015: The Coop

When I last talked to these guys they were “The Crowded Coop.”  This year they had a larger booth, more licenses, and their name got a little less crowded so now they just go by “The Coop.”  They also have a new online shop that you should totally check out.  Works for me!

Let me tell a little story before I get into what The Coop has to offer this year.  About two years ago I fell upon slightly hard times and had to find a way to make money.  I eventually came to the realization that Valve’s DOTA2 had a booming market and figured out a way to turn digital items into income.  The money was good, really good.  At Valve’s International 3 I moved a boatload of (at the time I did not know who they were) The Coop’s mystery DOTA2 plushes.  Fast forward to Toy Fair 2014.  I’m walking down one of the isles and I see those mini-plush boxes.  Needless to say I was excited, and I think they saw it on my face.  So they showed me around, we talked DOTA a bit, I got to see their Team Fortress 2 portable mercs, and it was all around a cool experience.  What I took away from it was how much they were into each property they had.  They literally knew every little detail about all the licenses they owned.

I mentioned when I reviewed their Team Fortress 2 Portable Mercs that the amount of little nods to the game are amazing.  If you pull off the Engineer’s head they printed “NOPE” on his neck.  Who does that?  They just seem like a really cool group of people that love what they do.  So anyway lets get into what they had to offer before I ramble any longer.

The Walking Dead:

The Coop is making a huge collection of bags and wallets based off of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  This is one of those lines where they really let their knowledge of the license shine.  There are so many little referential details put into theses bags that I’d imagine most licensed merchandisers would never even bother to include.  For instance Rick’s Sheriff Duffel has a tag on the inside listing the different destinations the cast has gone to; with Terminus being the latest.  I suppose we’ll need a refresh release once they get to Washington.

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop Walking Dead

Everything has meaning.  Take a look at the Daryl Wings Messenger Bag and notice the red plaid lining on the inside, similar to the shirt he was wearing on the show.

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop Walking Dead

Not only do we have bags, but we also have doggy plush and clothing!  One of my personal highlights was the Well Walker Stretch & Chew Toy.  His mid section is held together by both velcro and then rubber tubing, so it can withstand a really good mauling.  I was told that none of the dogs in the office have been able to tear him apart yet.  Check out my lovely hand-model David as he demonstrates how the Well Walker comes apart:

Check out our entire Walking Dead gallery from The Coop at Toy Fair.

Star Trek:

Need I mention the details?  Not only are The Coop’s Star Trek bags referential and fun, but these things are so well made.  If I had to pick a favorite it would easily be the Tricorder Replica Messenger Bag.  Sure I like messenger bags, but if you open this thing up it actually looks like a Tricorder.  Again it’s those little details that really put this stuff over the top.

Yes, they made a Tribble Coin Purse.  It’s so soft and quite lovely!

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop Walking Dead

Since The Coop are HUGE dog fans there is already a large selection of Star Trek chew toys, bowls, collars, and shirts.  If you aren’t dressing your dog up as Scotty or Uhura then you’re doing something wrong.


Halo fans can pick up messenger bags, backpacks, lanyards, keycaps, or vinyl keychains.  My personal favorite was Ammo Crate Tin Lunch Box that came with a MRE-styled sandwich bag.

Twisted Timmy Toys:

The Coop is expanding their plush powers into making some new in-house properties.  I’m honestly glad to see it because I think their plush is some of the best work out there these days.  I’m a little heart broken that the Tide Hunter they showed at last year’s Toy Fair never got released.  There are a few different lines coming out with interesting direction on each.  First we have Arty Farties, which in case you couldn’t figure it out from the name are interpretations of famous painters that also fart.  The first three are going to be Dali, Van Gogh, and Picasso.

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop

When I think of Floaters, I think of poop.  And Twisted Timmy was on the same wavelength with his Floaters bath toy line.  These toys are basically what “dead” items you may find floating in a river or lake.  The two-packs will be released as fish and brew, rat and poop, and pigeon and sandwich.

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop

Continuing our focus on the rear region we come to Backdorables, and no that name is not just a coincidence.  These are reversible plushes that transform by pulling their insides out from their rear.  For instance you transform the cow into steak, squid into sushi, or the pig into bacon.

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop

Finally we have Whim Whams.  Each plush is supposed to be a blend of three different trends.  For instance “The Great Depantsinator” is a mix of Abraham Lincoln, Underwear, and Tattoos.  Or take “El Mono Robo Jr” who is a mix of Monkey, Luchador, and Robot.

Toy Fair 2015 The Coop


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