Toy Fair 2015 Hasbro Marvel Legends

Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro Marvel Legends

Hasbro brought it this year with Marvel Legends.  I was honestly just expecting to see them go over what we knew was already planned for 2015, and maybe confirmation of Ant-Man.  Instead we got the entire reveal of Avengers wave 3, Ant-Man, Spider-Man wave 2, and a bunch of exclusives.  The way this year is shaping up we may see the biggest quantity of Marvel Legends releases since the beginning.  That’s quite impressive for a fifteen year old action figure line.  It’s impressive for ANY action figure line!

So how did Hasbro turn Marvel Legends around?

If you’ve read message boards the past 5-6 years you would have thought Hasbro was intent on killing the Marvel Legends brand.  However, I feel that they did one simple thing that turned it all around.  Remember (especially back in the Toy Biz days) when we would groan at the news of a movie figure being in a wave?  Hasbro has made it so we actually WANT those figures in each wave.  They seem to have found a nice synergy with both movie and comic based figures.  Now that we get 2 – 3 movies per year it keeps those themed Marvel Legends waves relevant, and the fans aren’t all that upset over getting a few new movie figures with the rest.

That’s my theory anyway, so lets take a look at our pictures from the showroom:

How about that Hulkbuster? Rhino?  This year is going to be incredible!

Since not every figure announced was actually on the show floor so lets take a look at the various lineups:

Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 2: (Spring 2015)

Age of Ultron Captain America
Age of Ultron Hulk
Age of Ultron Iron Man Mark 43
Build-A-Figure: Movie Thanos

Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 3: (TBD)

Dr. Strange
Marvel Now Iron Man
War Machine
Build-A-Figure: Hulkbuster Iron Man

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave 1: (Out now!)

Spider-Man 2099
Ultimate Spider-Girl
Build-A-Figure: Hobgoblin

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave 2: (TBD)

Scarlet Spider
Superior Venom
Misty Knight
Chameleon (Includes JJJ and Hammerhead head)
Ghost Rider
White Tiger
Build-A-Figure: Rhino

Ant-Man Marvel Legends: (Spring 2015)

Giant Man
Bulldozer (Finally we complete the Wrecking Crew!)
Grim Reaper (New mid-sized body)
Build-A-Figure: Movie Ultron

Exclusives: (Spring 2015)

Target – Hulk, Ultron, and Vision three-pack
Toys ‘R’ Us – Agent Coulsen, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury three-pack
Amazon – Age of Ultron Thor, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, and Black Widow four-pack


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