SDCC 2015 Mattel MOTUC

SDCC 2015: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

Masters of the Universe Classics is far FAR from over!  Mattel has come to San Diego Comic Convention swinging, showing off the entire line for 2016 and some interesting changes for the fan-favorite line.  First thing to note is that prices will not be increasing!  In fact if you are a subscriber the prices will be dropping down to $24 for basic figures.  The subscriptions will be changing as well as Mattel is no longer saying “you need to buy it all.”  Now there will be two six figure subscriptions to cover the entire year of 2016: Collector’s Choice and A-List Characters Subscriptions.

SDCC 2015 Mattel MOTUC

Collector’s Choice subscription will continue the Masters of the Universe Classics line with niche, but collector demanded figures.  The subscription will include six bi-monthly figures, a sub exclusive figure, and two over sized figures.  Here is the lineup for Collector’s Choice :

January – Lorde Masque
March – Vultak
May – Darius
May – Night Stalker (Oversized)
July – Crita
September – General Sunder
November – Horde Wraith
TBD – Tuskador (Oversized)

Club exclusive – Despara

SDCC 2015 Mattel MOTUC

Next up we have the A-List Characters subscription.  This line will basically do Filmation versions of A-List characters in the line.  This splitting subscriptions thing is a great way to get new people into the line, as well as not force people to buy variants.  I’ll buy them all though.  The subscription will be six bi-monthly figures and an exclusive:

February – He-Man 2.0
April – Trap-Jaw 2.0
June – Skeletor 2.0
August – Beast Man 2.0
October – Evil-Lyn 2.0
December – Clawful 2.0

Club exclusive – Evil Seed 2.0

SDCC 2015 Mattel MOTUC

Power-Con will have THREE exclusives: Green Granamyr, Camo Kahn, and Red Beast.  Power-Con will be during Spring 2016.

Finally coming late 2016 (which has been noted on my checklist for ages!) is Snake Mountain!  No word on price or how it is going down, but I’m sure we’ll have news come Toy Fair.


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