SDCC 2015 Marvel Legends

SDCC 2015: Official Marvel Legends Pics And Roundup!

This year has been a banner year for Hasbro Marvel Legends enthusiasts.  We’ve probably had more product shipped than any other year in Marvel Legends fifteen year history.  There were no new reveals for 2015, so now we know we’ll end the year with a few exclusives and the three waves that just dropped this month.  Hasbro is, however, working quite hard on the 2016 line.  We’re going into 2016 with a Spider-Man and Captain America wave.  So here is what we have planned for early 2016:

Spider-Man Legends 2016 Wave 1 – Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure:
Ben Reilly Spider-Man
Ben Reilly Spider-Carnage
Spider Gwen
Superior Foes Beetle
Superior Foes Speed Demon with Silvermane’s head
Jack O’ Lantern

What’s worth noting in the Spider-Man wave is that Hasbro showed Spider-Gwen with an alternate unmasked head.  Venom will also have an extra head with the tongue sticking out (as pictured).  As far as my opinion on this wave?  Hasbro is knocking out of the park with their Spider-Man waves.  Each one has just been so good, and I’m shocked at how quickly they gave us a Spider-Gwen.

Captain America Legends 2016 Wave 1 – Axis Red Skull Build-A-Figure:
Classic Captain America

Now for this wave only three figures have been revealed along with the BAF, an updated on Onslaught wit ha Red Skull head.  The remaining figures will be shown at New York Comic Convention in October.  It’s worth noting that Cap will have an alternate Cap-Wolf head.  Taskmaster will have an alternate Udon head.

We also have some some teased characters including Nuke (who is planned for a second Captain America wave), Namor, and Abomination.

Marvel Legends Walgreens Ant-Man Exclusive

Also don’t forget to check Walgreens starting in July to get their exclusive Black-Ant figure.  And then stop back come fall for their Daredevil exclusive.  And of course Amazon will have their exclusive 4-pack that just went up for preorder.


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