Mattel MOTUC 200x Head Pack Heads of Eternia

Mattel MOTUC Heads of Eternia (200x) Review

It’s funny how if I sit on a review for a while I start to have different opinions on things.  There have been plenty of times I’ve gotten a new figure and then reviewed it very positive while still on that new toy high.  Then later on when the honeymoon is over I’d come to the conclusion I don’t like the figure as much as I did at first.  I’ve had the exact opposite happen with the Heads of Eternia.

When I originally go the set I was happy with only a couple of them.  But I left this review sit for a while.  As I came back around to snapping pictures I actually ended up loving these heads a lot more the second time around.  I’m still going to have to give them some hard love, but I’m pretty happy with the lot we got.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Heads of Eternia
Release Date: 08/17/2015 (Club 200x Exclusive)
Price: $26.00

There is no bio on the back of the package.  That would be kind of weird for six floating heads to have a bio anyway.  Instead we just get to see all of the characters that the heads are intended for.  Just in case there was somebody out there blindly buying these who has no idea whose head goes on what.  I really do want that guy to exist!

Anyways, let’s get a run down of how we like these heads and where they will end up:


I think that the head is a fantastic representation of the 200x character’s head.  However, sticking a head on the MOTUC version of Roboto will not make it a 200x version since the body is very vintage.  Roboto is one character that really deserves a redo at some point.  First, he’s hard to find and now goes for a good amount of money.  Second, he shipped with reversed shoulders. Third, most people I know have reported that his chest has cracked in time.  A proper 200x Roboto would at least need new lower legs, and maybe those “suspenders” around his shoulders.

Here’s a bonus attempt at larger 200x Roboto legs (some paint work and we might actually have something here) —

Mattel MOTUC 200x Head Pack Heads of Eternia

I’m going to assume that since we got this head that most likely a 200x Roboto is not in the cards any time soon.

Verdict: Accessory Bin!


Now we’re talking with the Grizz!  This is easily my favorite figure in the bunch.  You may recall that many years back when Grizzlor was first revealed the Four Horsemen showed the alternate 200x face plate lying next to him.  It was a bit odd that Grizzlor came with all the other parts but the face to complete the modern look.  The face plate idea was not going to work for this head pack since the production version of Grizzlor had the plate glued in.

The people at Mattel can be masochists from time to time, but they weren’t going to expect their customer base to pry Grizzlor faces off.  They did end up constructing a complete head for Grizzlor and it’s fantastic!  The hair matches perfectly and he’s a character that is absolutely worth investing in a second body for that head.

Verdict: Get yourself a second Grizzlor!


Like it, don’t love it.  It’s a very nice head but it has the over-designed 200x aesthetic.  That’s what I want, though, isn’t it?  Well yes, but it doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the body which is not overly detailed.  I got a free extra Sy-Klone as part of Mattel’s “apology” for Frosta’s arms.  So I don’t need to choose and can use both.  Honestly though, the original head fits the body much better.

Sy-Klone is probably one of the least valuable of the five, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have a second to use the 200x look.

Verdict: Accessory Bin!

Snout Spout:

I kind of figured that if a head pack ever came about Snout Spout would be a prime candidate to get one, so of course I had an extra sitting around waiting for this very moment!  Unlike Sy-Klone, the Snout Spout body works surprisingly well with the 200x head.  It’s also an extra little bonus if you are one of those people who suffered a cracking or broken trunk on the vintage styled head, now you have a replacement!

After Grizzlor, Snout Spout is easily my second favorite head of the pack.

Verdict: Replace that head! Or at least get a second since both have merit.


I thought I wouldn’t like the 200x Buzz-Off head on the Classics body, but once I tried it on I was wrong.  I WAS SO WRONG!  I love it.  It’s not too skinny and looks fine on the bulky body.  Sure I’d like a skinnier 200x body, but this head still works just fine.  I’ve found a valid replacement.

Verdict: Replacing the Classics head!


I like this head a lot.  But I also really enjoy his muppet head.  I don’t have a second Clawful, crap!

The coloring on the 200x head doesn’t quite match that of the figure, but I’m willing to look past it.  This was one of those heads that was pretty much guaranteed if a head pack went through.  Sure enough the head doesn’t disappoint, but now with Clawful, Buzz-Off, and Roboto I feel like a 200x body pack is now needed to supplement this head pack.

Verdict: Shit, I need to track down a second Clawful because I don’t want to waste this head.


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