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NECA Heroes of the Storm Nova Terra Review

November Annabella “Nova” Terra may have had her title game go vaporware, but she ends up getting the last laugh being one of the first characters in the NECA Heroes of the Storm action figure line!  I never considered myself even a decent Starcraft player.  This was why I made sure to only play with my equally terrible friends.  If they ever made the effort to get better they were immediately cast aside, since I was into either SCV rushing or pushing the game out so long that we all had absurd armies.  Later in life taught me that both of those are terrible tactics.

The Ghost character holds a special place in my heart because there was absolutely nothing more entertaining than surprising an opponent with a “nuclear launch detected!”  Then three nukes come falling down on their base wiping everything out.  In all honesty it probably wasn’t all that surprising since I was sitting there creating those silos for like fifteen minutes, but when you are bad like me you relish in those little victories.

Nova makes up the other half of this wave that she shares with Illidan Stormrage.  Like Illidan, she comes packed in a very “Heroes of the Storm” branded clamshell package, and includes her sniper rifle as well as an alternate pointing hand.  The wrist peg for the alternate hand was done much better than some previous ones we’ve seen.  They made it thicker and the ball is bigger, so it’s more durable and holds the hand much better.  It’s definitely a step up from the very thin pegs on Dante who was released earlier this year.

NECA Heroes of the Storm Nova Terra Blizzard

The sniper rifle is beautifully sculpted but has one little thing that drives me nuts.  The barrel of the gun is made of a softer plastic so mine veers off slightly to the right.  I kept on trying to adjust it back while I was shooting pictures, but in post I would notice the slightly crooked barrel and have to trash the picture.  I’ve got it sitting under a bit of weight right now, so hopefully in the next day or so it should be a little more straight.  That said, the gun is great because she’s able to hold it in a sniping position!  She has a hole in her right hand that a peg from the handle of the gun can plug into to make it easy for her to hold it.  I’m sure some people are make or break on if she can hold the gun with both hands, so I’m happy to report that she can.

The paint is really strong on this series so far.  Nova’s paint applications are very sharp and clean.  I am on a bit of an expressive facial expression kick, so if I had one wish I’d ask for her to be a little less neutral.  But the face is still really good despite my strange desires.

This wave apparently is also the ponytail wave since both figures come with a detached ponytail that needs to be inserted into the head once the figure is opened.  Both characters can also pretty easily be made into variants.  Give Illidan a black and green paint scheme, some horns, and some wings and you have the demon Illidan.  Make Nova clear and you have a cloaked Nova.  Yes, I realize I’m asking for variants.  I’ll take them.  I’m all in on Heroes of the Storm!

NECA Heroes of the Storm Nova Terra Blizzard

I did Illidan’s review first because the character is a personal favorite.  Don’t overlook Nova, however, her figure is no slouch!  We still have Stitches, Tyrael, and Arthas coming later this year, so the Heroes of the Storm action figure line is off and running.  I’m hoping that they sell well enough for NECA to go into production on the second series.  Getting really well made action figures of my favorite Blizzard characters is a dream come true.

NECA Heroes of the Storm Nova Terra Blizzard

Usually my dreams end abruptly.  Hopefully this isn’t the fate of Heroes of the Storm.  NECA brought everything they could to this line, hopefully people like and buy it.  There has always been a bit of a divide between gamers and toy collectors, and not much overlap between them.  Most gamers refer to all action figures as Amiibos now, so thanks for that Nintendo!

NECA Heroes of the Storm Nova Terra Blizzard

The figures have just started hitting the West Coast of the US.  They have also appeared on NECA’s Amazon store, so you can always grab them there.  Entertainment Earth also has the first wave’s set up for preorder and it should be shipping soon.


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