NYCC 2015 Diamond Select Ghostbusters

NYCC 2015: Diamond Select Ghostbusters

We’ve been waiting since Toy Fair to see what Diamond Select’s Ghostbusters build-a-rooftop set would look like assembled, and we finally have a payoff!  Diamond has a long term plan with Ghostbusters to use a total of 15 figures to build the gigantic rooftop diarama seen below.  Yes FIFTEEN different Ghostbuster figures are planned to build this giant thing.  Go ahead and take that in … even if you have a giant Mattel collection I can’t see how you could pass up building this set.

Some new and previously revealed figures were shown including:

Ray Version 2 (Open Jumpsuit)
Louis Tully (Possessed)

The Terror Dogs have also been confirmed, but were not shown.  We were told they will come with swappable horns so you can make both Vinz Clortho and Zuul from one package.  I’m sure most fans will plan to buy two, however.  I don’t believe we have seen Peter yet?  Unless he was at another show I missed.

Either way, amazing diorama work DST!


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