Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

Rampageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

Welcome to Slime City, bitch!

It’s been a while since I messed around with a Prince Algor action figure.  Things have changed since then.  I’m using a different backdrop, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain came out, and now magnets are gone and replaced with actual joints!  Where old Prince Algor was magnetically held together, this new version is a more traditional action figure built on a Zoloworld Remco-style body.  While I enjoyed the magnetic body, it did have some disadvantages.  First, sticking it on my laptop was a horrible idea (RIP old buddy!).  Second, my daughter took my other Prince Algor to play with and I still can’t find all of his parts.

Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

I really dig the this new Algor.  He comes packed with some purple chest armor, a purple shield, and a purple scythe.  Did I mention everything was purple?  I also got some samples of the single heads.  Slime City Algor does not come with all the extra heads, but it is damn fun to swap them around so I would totally look into grabbing a few to compliment him.  The red head goes great with the green body for some holiday cheer.  But really they are all fabulous.

The Algor head sculpt has also has been refined and smoothed out a bit.  They are now a hollow soft plastic which is made to accommodate the Zoloworld neck joint.  They pop on and off nice and easy making color customization very easy.  The body-type also allows you to use pretty much any Masters of the Universe accessory with him … give it a try!

Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

The Doctor always does a fantastic job with his slimes.  It’s great to see that he hooked up with the Zoloworld people and was able to get Prince Algor on this body type.  It also helps out you, the customer, because this run of Algor is much more affordable than the first one!  Better bodies, better figures, happier customers … everyone is winning!

Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

The sweet prince and all of his variants go on sale next week!  You want to grab that shit?  Then listen here:

After a successful launch of the full production Prince Algor figure in the Realm of the Underworld Slimed Drones Assortment 2, Rampageo Industries will be releasing a full wave of figures on the store.  The first wave assortment features five variants of Prince Algor, as well as a double pack of two new characters!  The sale will be Friday October 30th at 8PM EST in the Doomkick Shop.

The numbers on these figures is VERY limited run so supplies will be scarce.

Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

The full list of figures for sale is as follows…

Samedi’s Shadow Prince Algor (translucent clear figure with glow in the dark paint apps)
Spirit Stride Prince Algor (translucent clear figure with translucent green accessories)
Dungeon Demon Prince Algor (translucent red figure with translucent purple accessories)
Slime City Prince Algor (translucent green figure with translucent purple accessories)
Karnok Arena Prince Algor (translucent yellow figure with translucent red accessories)
Molotok and Kotolom Evil Clones of Prince Algor (two pack of Translucent red and yellow figures with translucent red and yellow accessories, and paint paint apps)

Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor

All figures come in mailer boxes. The price of single figures is $30, and the price of the two pack is $55 (USD plus shipping

Also available is small amount of left over Purple ROTU Prince Algors in the awesome Slimed Drones Window Box for $30 (USD plus shipping)

There will also be single Slimes on sale for $3 each, and a multi pack of 5 Slimes (red, green, yellow, smoke, and clear) for $12 (USD plus shipping)

Ramageo Industries Slime City Prince Algor


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