Hasbro NYCC 2015 Transformers

NYCC 2015: Hasbro Transformers

Hasbro has been all over the place with Transformers the last couple years, and I mean this in a good way.  Combiner Wars started last year and has given a ton of gestalts since the announcement, and more are incoming.  On top of that Hasbro is now stepping into the Headmaster game, a big fan favorite!  On Wednesday night Hasbro revealed Hardhead and Skullcruncher … yes we finally have an official Skullcruncher update!

Besides the Headmasters we also have a brand new leader class Blaster!  Blaster is actually a triple-changer so he can either be a city, tape player, or robot.  While Blaster looks amazing, I have to say my favorite reveal was a little Legends class Rewind!  Not only does he turn into a “tape,” but he is also a triple-changer who can become a tank as well!  The put tapes in quotes since they are more data discs than tapes.

And finally GALVATRON!  First there was Cyclonus, and then he turned into Galvatronus.  Now, finally we have a proper voyager scaled Galvatron who will also be a chest piece for Combiner Wars.  He’s everything you could want in a Galvatron!  The light in the room was a little weird, so he is certainly not as blue as my camera would have you believe.  He is the proper purple color.  I promise!

There were a lot of great Transformer reveals, so check out the remaining pictures below.


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