Hasbro Marvel Legends Mockingbird Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Mockingbird Review

It’s been a month since the last Marvel Legends wave I picked up.  This year is starting off fast and furious with a Spider-Man wave that was released in January and now a Captain America wave for February!  It seems that most retailers were told to start selling this set as of February 1st, but that didn’t stop Toys ‘R’ Us from putting them out on their shelves the last couple weeks.  I’m fine with this, though.  I’d been recently lamenting over the fact that for the past six months or so I’ve had absolutely nothing to look for in toy stores.  This probably isn’t a bad thing because it saves me money, but I do like having a reason to visit them once in a while.

We can probably expect a lot of Captain America themed Marvel Legends this year … and every year, because Captain America and Iron Man are the be all and end all.  But really we can expect a bunch more Captain America Legends this year because of the “Civil War” movie.  In fact it was just revealed that the next “Civil War” build-a-figure wave will be Giant Man and includes Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Nick Fury, Nuke, and Red Guardian.  While the next wave will be heavily influenced by the movie, this one is all comics.

Mockingbird finally makes her Marvel Legends debut in the Red Skull Onslaught wave.  She comes packed with the most essential part of Onslaught, his torso and shoulder pads.  She also includes those billy-clubs made famous by Daredevil previously.  Thankfully as time goes along Hasbro has started producing these clubs in a stronger plastic.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mockingbird Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Looking over this figure it appears that Mockingbird is almost entirely a new sculpt.  The torso, lower arms, and lower legs are all definitely new.  What really sells her look to me is the two-tone simplicity, the clean lines and black buttons on the white of the shirt.  I’m a fan of the glasses too.  While messing around with her I also found that they can be removed!  I’m not sure if this was intentional or not since they don’t really make it clear on the package.  However, I’m going to side with it being intentional because she still looks fine with or without them on.  The tabs that the glasses slide into are minimally visible when they aren’t being worn.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mockingbird Onslaught Series Captain America Review

While I love her look, she does have a problem that continues to plague select female characters.  She has an ever-so-slight wandering eye.  In fact it’s barely noticeable when the glasses are off.  However, when you put them on the clear plastic projects her eyes in two different directions and she gets that Misty Knight walleye.  Pretty badly.  This is happening a lot now and it’s really aggravating.  I’ve finally invested in a set of Sharpies to fix these things, wish me luck!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mockingbird Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Mockingbird is one of those figures I really wanted to like and she came up just a little short of my expectations.  Besides the eyes, (because if I can fix them up well enough I’ll be very happy) her hair is a hard plastic that runs down her back.  This ends up making it really hard to do much head posing.  She can look to the sides but that is about it since there isn’t much up and down movement allowed.  On the bright side the entire sculpt is gorgeous!  Her head’s side profiles are great.  It’s just when you look at her straight-on the paint really fails you.

It’s a bit of a shame too because the females in last month’s Spider-Man wave were almost flawless.  This wave we have Sharon and Mockingbird, but they both have issues.  Here’s hoping things improve as the year goes along.

Mockingbird and the rest of her crew are currently available at Toys ‘R’ Us and Amazon.  February 1st was the official preorder/ship date so everybody should have them.  If you are looking to get a case of the wave then Entertainment Earth has you covered as well!


5 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Mockingbird Review”

  1. How is she to keep standing? I own Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl…each of them has been a bit of a pain to keep standing, though for different reasons.

    1. Mockingbird has decently sized feet, so it’s not hard to keep her standing. I had the same problems with the three you listed, along with Black Widow and Gamora from a few years back. If you grab Mockingbird you shouldn’t have too many issues getting her to stand.

  2. What’s your process to fixing her eyes? I’m interested in that! Great read for something I wanna buy

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