Hasbro Marvel Legends Taskmaster Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Taskmaster Review

It’s been over ten years since we’ve had a Taskmaster figure in Marvel Legends.  The last Taskmaster was in the Toybiz “Legendary Riders” series of 2005.  That original toy was in the classic costume.  This new figure is in the modern or UDON outfit, so basically less pirate and more tactical.  I have to admit I wasn’t entirely familiar with the modern look, but now that I have him in hand I’m a pretty big fan.

Taskmaster comes packed with a classic head, UDON head, shield, sword, and Red Skull Onslaught’s head.  For those of us waiting for the Magneto head for Onslaught this figure is completely skippable, in theory at least.   Like the Spider-Man wave with Spider-Gwen, they packed one of the most wanted figures with the most optional build-a-figure part.  Nothing against the Red Skull head, it’s a great sculpt, but we’ve been waiting for this Magneto Onslaught for the better part of a decade now.  We’ll still have to wait for the X-Men wave later this year, and hope it doesn’t get messed around with as past ones have.

It’s actually pretty amazing how seamlessly both heads work on the body.  My personal preference is the UDON head.  I just think it fits the tactical outfit a little better.  Hasbro also seems to have figured out how to put together a functional hooded head.  The hood is sculpted in soft plastic and molded around the head, which helps avoid either using soft goods are a giant plastic hood that looks unnatural.  This method works great because the head has complete freedom to however it pleases and the bottom part of the hood will just adjust.  This was another great design choice from Hasbro.

On the subject of accessories I was a little disappointed that his sword came slightly bent.  Straightening those things out is no easy task.  He has a couple of guns sculpted into his shoulder straps, but they aren’t removable.  Luckily I have a lot of guns sitting around from various figures I bought in the past.  So none of the ones you see in any of my pictures belong to him.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Taskmaster Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Taskmaster’s heads are both great but the body sculpt is pretty amazing too!  It looks like just about everything but the torso is new.  The body looks to be cast in silver plastic with the blue and white highlights painted in.  For those plastic quality snobs out there, yes, the silver used is that swirly recycled plastic we’ve seen in the past.  It may be a little better grade of it, however, since it’s not as overly swirly as previous figures that have used it.

Besides building Onslaught, I was probably looking forward to Taskmaster most in this wave.  Sure I haven’t read much about him but he’s just a neat looking character.  He’s just about everything I would have hoped he would be.  Taskmaster is a great modern update to a Toybiz classic figure.  He has got a decent amount of accessories including additional heads and he just looks great.  If you just want a cool looking Marvel toy for your display you can’t go wrong here.  Bonus is that he doesn’t have eyes that can be messed up by sloppy paint!

Taskmaster and the rest of the Captain America Legends wave is hitting stores now.  If your local Toys ‘R’ Us doesn’t have him check out Amazon, or order in a case from Entertainment Earth.




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  1. Awesome review. I just got back into Marvel Legends after about a decade hiatus. Where did you get the guns pictured in the review?

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