Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Capwolf Onslaught Series Review

Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Captain America Review

If you own this Captain America action figure and he does not have his Capwolf head on then I ask you, why?  Unless this is the first Captain America Marvel Legend you own there is no reason he should not be in Capwolf form.  Yes, for a very brief time Cap was turned into a werewolf during the “Man and Wolf” story line of Captain America issues # 402 – 408.  While the comic was kind of shit, it’s still great when you get an action figure of something so odd.  If only those Toybiz X-Babies came out … rest in peace X-Babies, the world was not ready to accept you.

When you release as many Captain America figures as Hasbro does, eventually things need to be spiced up a bit.  This is a Captain America movie year, technically.  However, Civil War feels more like an Avenger movie than a standalone Cap film.  Maybe we can just pretend that Age of Ultron never happened and Civil War can be a proper Avengers movie.  I suppose I shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Civil War will be a good movie before I see it.  But at least I can hold on to a little hope since the same people responsible for Winter Soldier are involved.

So yes, back to spicing up this release to make my 700th Captain America purchase appealing!  They really could have rested on the tried and true method of simply packing in a part to complete the build-a-figure.  Which they did because he does come with Onslaught’s cape.  However, they also included the Capwolf head, a shield, and two extra hands.  Besides the head, the rest don’t sound all that exciting but one of those hands has a pointing finger.  This is a Captain America first and an AMAZING accessory!  This Cap will forever be displayed with his wolf head and pointing finger.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Capwolf Onslaught Series Review

Unfortunately he also includes a pair of shoulder straps that are a little perplexing.  They confuse me because they will not stay on his shoulders no matter how hard I try.  I’m not sure how anyone looked at them in their current form and said “this is perfect, ship it!”  Are we supposed to glue them on ourselves?  Was there supposed to be a strap that connected them so that they wouldn’t fall down his shoulders?  It’s just a very odd oversight, if it is indeed that.  I would hope this wasn’t intentional.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Capwolf Onslaught Series Review

Everything else about Cap is fine.  He’s Cap.

No, actually I’m going to request a few more things they could have included.  Some clawed hands to go with his wolf head would have been great.  And fists so he can punch Wolf-Hitler.  If you are going to go Capwolf, go all in Capwolf.  Make him be all he can be.

What can be taken away from my Captain America rambling?  Capwolf is great figure because of two things: his head and the pointing finger hand.  Had these two accessories not existed there would be no way I would review another Captain America action figure.  Iron Man and Cap have become the new Wolverines in Marvel Legends.  We get a new one in just about every wave, and with those two being the money men in Marvel films this won’t stop any time soon.  So we are going to learn to enjoy it like a five star John Cena match.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Capwolf Onslaught Series Review

Oddly enough, I’m a little bit excited about getting a new Wolverine in this year’s X-Men Legends wave.  I never thought I’d find myself saying that after a decade countless Logans.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Capwolf Onslaught Series Review

Captain America is part of the Red Skull Onslaught Marvel Legends wave and can be had in stores or on Amazon.  If you want to grab a case and just get it all done in one order then Entertainment Earth has you covered (free shipping as well!).


2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Captain America Review”

  1. Duuuude I respect your right to disregard Age of Ultron but was it really that bad? I mean, I really liked it although I’ll admit it had it’s flaws, but I’m not sure it needs to be forgotten, like say X-Men Origins Wolverine (if anyone out there liked that movie I’m sure you can understand the hypocrisy of this post). Or for that matter, Age of Ultron wasn’t even in the same league as X-men 3, which had some plus points but was largely a waste of time. Anywayyy, I know this isn’t really the forum to raise this issue so I’d like to apologise, you’re very welcome to your opinion, I just see Age of Ultron getting bashed a lot and it really grinds my gears because I think it deserves a little more credit. However I do like your reviews, they’re fairly frequent and you get some decent photos plus I think your writing is well above standard for this kind of thing. Good job.

    1. No, it’s fine to bring up Age of Ultron! I know most of my friends really enjoyed it and obviously a lot of people do and I would never say you shouldn’t.

      Here are a few of my problems with AoU. It feels inconsequential. By that I mean you can really feel the serialization of the MCU kicking in with this one. It was more to bridge the way towards the Infinity Wars movies and I really felt that during it. It threw away a lot of the characterization of Cap and Iron Man established in Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3. By the end of the movie the MCU was pretty much in the same place it was when the movie started, except we have a couple new characters. If AoU is part of the overall mythos then I feel that Avengers movies should move that mythos along a lot better than Ultron did.

      I actually liked the first Avengers movie a lot less than Ultron, but that one did a much better job of moving along the overall MCU storyline.

      Marvel has a real problem with wasting bad guys. Ultron could have been a really good bad guy to hold on to and they basically destroyed him in one movie. I was disappointed in that.

      And then finally they tried to put too much into the movie. The pacing is just brutal where we are just flying from scene to scene without giving the movie any time to breathe or let the audience reflect on what happened.

      I’m a fan of the standalone films, but the ensemble ones just have not worked for me yet. Maybe with a new director it’ll change for me? I don’t know. I’m still going to go see them anyway!

      That said I thought Ultron’s plan of slamming a city into the earth was the most “Cobra Commander” type of evil plans I’ve ever seen. I was entertained by this quite a bit.

      Also, thank you for the kind words! 🙂

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