Hasbro Marvel Legends Whirlwind Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Whirlwind Review

Whirlwind gets the title of the dorkiest villain to grace the Marvel Legends toy line yet.  Short of getting The Big Wheel, I think we have our winner in this category for quite some time as well.  David Cannon is immune to to dizziness, so he can spin at high speeds.  Hence the name!  His whole gimmick is spinning around, creating tornadoes, and throwing sharp objects at people.  Some of the more notable villain stables he has been associated with are the Masters of Evil and Thunderbolts.

On the topic of origins, is that Marvel Unlimited service any good?  I’m hesitant to read comics on my iPad because I prefer to read them out of an actual book.  However, when new Marvel Legends figures are announced I don’t particularly want to drop $15 – $50 per character to catch up on their back story.  So in that respect I feel like the service may be a good value to me.  Plus I can get an exclusive Rescue figure that doesn’t have the Pepper Pots head anymore!

Hasbro went with a very classic version of the Whirlwind costume this time.  It’s easily his most recognizable because it’s just a giant clunky helmet with two horns and holes cut out for his eyes and mouth.  The head is removable like pretty much all Marvel Legends’ are these days.  There is even a partially painted face in there under the dome, but you can’t get to it as it’s glued in.  Even if you were to carve or pull the head out of his helmet the only details would be the ones you can see through his eye and mouth slits.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Whirlwind Onslaught Series Captain America Review

The Juggernaut from Marvel Universe used the same method Whirlwind does to show an actual face under the helmet.  I made the mistake of trying to pull that head out on the Universe figure and it didn’t end well.  I won’t make the same mistake with this guy.  I do prefer this approach to helmeted heads though, it adds realistic depth the the sculpt.  I like this method a lot and fully sanction it.

Whirlwind doesn’t come with very many accessories, just two saw blades attached to his wrists and one of Onslaught’s arms.  At least those saw blades can be removed and thrown at other unsuspecting figures!  Whirlwind and Cottonmouth were the two figures in this wave that were very light on accessories.  A wind effect or something would be a pretty cool addition, but I’ll assume they wouldn’t cost out.

I’ve been on a bit of a “prop” kick of late, picking up various Bandai energy, explosion, and fire effects parts.  It’d be pretty nice if at some point stuff like that was included in appropriate Marvel Legends figures.  Especially ones that are otherwise lite on accessories.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Whirlwind Onslaught Series Captain America Review

I like Whirlwind quite a bit.  He’s not a hard figure to pull off: a basic Marvel Legends body with a new head, chest, and some wrists.  Simple is fine, however.  He’s such an oddball silly character I can’t help but love him.  The fact that the Marvel Legends team is willing to put a classic version of Whirlwind on retail shelves in 2016 says quite a bit about how strong the line has become.  I’m sure most people will just buy him to complete the build-a-figure, but if you are maybe stop and mess around with him a bit.  Look into that helmet.  That silly looking helmet.  Take in the obscurity and absurdity of it all.  Marvel Legends owns.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Whirlwind Onslaught Series Captain America Review

Whirlwind can be had at your local Walmart or Toys ‘R’ Us.  Or Amazon if you don’t want to leave the house.  Of course you could also always grab a case and complete the Onslaught build-a-figure in one shot by using Entertainment Earth.


4 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Whirlwind Review”

  1. Nice review! I love Whirlwind hanging out with Rotar and Twistoid!

    I’m not much of a Marvel collector but as a kid I did have many figures from the ToyBiz Iron Man line. One of those was Whirlwind. Man, that guy even seemed kind of dopey back then, too! I may even still have him somewhere, missing one of his sawblades probably.

  2. Ooh baby. Its all about the BAF for me ever since building up the ToyBiz ML Galactus BAF! I built the buggy Onslaught that I we got a few years back. Was that Hasbro or Toybiz? I really like that BAF so was loathe to go all in on another full wave at the $20+ per figure price point. I scored clearance prices on the Hobgoblin BAF wave and I’m waiting on clearance prices for the Rhino wave (but I have the old ToyBiz Rhino so if its a pass its a pass). But please share your thoughts on the Onslaught BAF. I’m digging out my old Onslaught comics prepping for even more Onslaught awesomeness.

    1. I like the new Onslaught quite a bit! I kind of skipped over doing his review, but I think I’ll go back and do it soon. He works really well with the Red Skull head, but I can’t wait until we get the proper one.

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