NECA Heroes of the Storm Series 2 Toy Fair 2016

Toy Fair 2016: NECA Heroes of the Storm

According to NECA they have big plans for their Heroes of the Storm action figure line.  Although no actual prototypes were at the show they did include a card with the lineup for the second series as well as some in progress renders for their Diablo figure.  The second series will include the following Blizzard characters:

Jim Raynor (Starcraft)
Diablo (Diablo)
Sylvanas (Warcraft)
Murky/Brightwing (Warcraft)
Thrall (Warcraft)

NECA Heroes of the Storm Series 2 Toy Fair 2016

As you can see we have some renders of how the Diablo figure will look, and I’m very impressed.  I love the beefiness of the Heroes of the Storm version of Diablo.  I hope we’ll be able to see these figure release by the end of the year.  This is one of my favorite NECA lines and they really knocked the previous figures Arthas, Nova, Tyrael, and Illidan (yes, I reviewed them all) out of the park!

NECA Heroes of the Storm Series 2 Toy Fair 2016



3 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2016: NECA Heroes of the Storm”

  1. i just discovered that these exist & read your reviews on series 1, are they the same size as MOTUC? it say they are 7″ scale. can you post some pics of them next to some motuc?

  2. My favorite action figure line to collect right now. I was blown away by the everything NECA is doing with these after picking up wave 1: decent price point, solid sculpts, great paint apps, nice artic, nice accessoires. Plus the scalper hounds don’t take notice of these on the pegs so they don’t hide them or crush the packaging or repack them with a Hornswoggle action figure after taking the BAF part and sell it back to the store. Haha. My teen got me into the video game & fan fic and NECA/Blizzard is such a nice team up. Thanks for sharing these preview pics!

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