Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Toy Fair 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Star Wars Black Series

If you were expecting Rogue One news from Toy Fair, I’ve got some BAD NEWS for you!  Rogue One is still under wraps, so we did not get any news from that movie.  However, since we live in the golden age of six-inch Star Wars toys we had plenty of other reveals that are sure to keep you happy until Rogue One news drops!  The six-inch Black Series continues to put out new and exciting characters, including fan-demanded and Rebels figures.  Let’s take a look at what was revealed earlier today.

The Fans Choice poll winner Darth Revan makes his six-inch debut and it may be one of my favorite Star Wars Black figures yet!  It may be, because not two minutes later they announced this …

Sabine!  Who now replaced Darth Revan as my favorite six-inch Star Wars Black Series figure.  I love the design and paint on her.  It’s a gorgeously executed figure, and even though I don’t actively collect the Black Series I am definitely picking her up.  I’m picking up Darth Revan as well, they’re both absolutely fantastic!

Along with Sabine we were able to see The Force Awakens C3P0 (red arm “Big Boss” version), A New Hope Leia, AT-AT Drive, and a Snowtrooper.  We were also teased that the San Diego Comic Convention figure will be a Rogue One character.  No news on who it is, but we were told to keep our ears open around Star Wars Celebration time.

Here are some additional shots from the show room of the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series six-inch series from Toy Fair 2016!


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