Hasbro Transformers: Botcon 2016 Roundup!

Most Transformer fans are probably aware that the official Botcon convention is this weekend.  However, for those that couldn’t be there, Hasbro has provided official pictures of all the Transformers revealed today at their 11 am EST panel.

First up from the upcoming Titans Return series we have Voyager Class Alpha Trion and Astro Train:

Next is Titans Return Deluxe Wave 2 Wolfwire (looks like they lost the name Weirdwolf) and Highbrow:

And here are the Titan Masters that will come packed with Deluxe Wave 2: Apeface, Brawn, Clobber, and Skytread:

On the Combiner Wars front, it also looks like Hasbro collectors will no longer have to look to Takara’s Unite Warriors line if they want a Groove for Defensor!  He is expected to hit retail around May of 2016:

And of course the big reveal of one of Hasbro’s worst kept secrets ever, the Computron box set!  Computron will include Voyager Class Scattershot, Deluxe Strafe, Deluxe Nosecone, Deluxe Lightsteed, Deluxe Afterbreaker, and Legends Scrounge. Here are the individual bots:

And here is the completed Computron gestalt, my biggest plus on this set are the scrapping the feet/hands for new ones.  I wish the Takara set had the Hasbro hands and feet:

Finally we have a Platinum Edition Autobots Heroes box set which will include redecos of Leader Ultra Magnus, Voyager Springer, Deluxe Blurr, Deluxe Arcee, and Deluxe Kup.  A Leader, Voyager, and three deluxes in a box set?  It’s probably going to be a pricey one, but a decent selection of characters, none the less:

Personally, I can’t wait for these Titan Returns figures to start hitting the shelves.  Headmasters are great, and I think they did a bang up job with Wolfwire aka Weirdwolf.



5 thoughts on “Hasbro Transformers: Botcon 2016 Roundup!”

  1. Lol. The Platinum Edition Autobot Heroes box set does not include Rodimus? Looks like even Hasbro hates him. XD

    Anyways, I can’t wait to get my hands on Alpha Trion, Astrotrain, Wolfwire, Brawn, Computron and Groove. 🙂

    1. Rodimus really needs a new mold at this point. The old ones just don’t really work out. A nice IDW themed redo would be fantastic!

  2. Glad to see Computron is getting domestic release. I thought I was going to have to go the Takara route for that box set. The G2 boxsets can scored for around $80 with some patience and sales I also like seeing Beast bots getting love. Even in the MP line there’s an Optimus Primal coming out which looks great. I hope they do a purple TRex Megatron too. Haha. Whats up with those Titan Returns heads? Is that the Legends figure that turns into a bot head? Thats cool. And is this a new cartoon series? I collect the TF:RiD toys but haven’t watched a full cartoon episode yet. I had better get cracking before the new cartoon series comes out!

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