Takara MP-11NR Masterpiece Ramjet Review

Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet Review

When it comes to Masterpiece Transformers, the Seekers are my least favorite mold.  Before owning Ramjet, Starscream was the only other plane in my collection.  I never liked his transformation.  He looks fine in jet mode, but his robot doesn’t light up my world and it’s hard to find a good pose for him.  As of last night was the first time I discovered that Starscream actually had fold out tabs in his back to keep his wings in place when in bot mode.  I also broke his cockpit in the process of discovering this.

So if I hate Seekers so much, why on earth did I spend almost $200 on Ramjet?  It’s all about that head sculpt.  The Conehead sculpt is just too good, and they nailed his face.  I’m willing to deal with his frustrating body and transformation for that head.  The wing configuration is also reworked so they end up serving as bell bottoms instead of folding up into shoulder pads.

Unfortunately, our first Conehead came with a pretty widespread issue.  A large number of MP Ramjets were shipped with their shoulders assembled incorrectly.  This causes gapping in jet mode because the shoulders won’t fold flush into his chest.  From what I hear this was pretty prevalent in the early batches of MP-11NR.  I ordered mine through BigBadToyStore (normally I would import, but these TT Mall exclusives aren’t carried by my usual digs) and I noticed that the box was previously opened.  I emailed BBTS and they let me know that their shipment was inspected by the factory for the shoulder issue.  From what I have been told both TFSource and BBTS have had their batches inspected, so if you are looking for a correctly assembled Ramjet I’d check there.

Takara MP-11NR Masterpiece Ramjet Review

Ramjet comes packaged in his bot mode encased in a giant Masterpiece styled box.  He includes the usual instructions, a clear “hologram” pilot, and two missile launchers that plug into his wings.  Since I haven’t purchased too many Seekers I was surprised he was in bot mode.  I figured they could have saved some box space in his jet mode.  That was until I transformed him and realized he would have actually needed an even bigger box.

I’ve already mentioned how much I love the face and head sculpt.  Besides the wing placement that is probably the biggest difference between Ramjet and Starscream’s mold.  There is actually a surprising amount of retooling this time around.  Firstly, the cockpit transformation has been changed to accommodate the newer and much larger head.  This reconfiguration leads to his back flap having no place to tab into, which is one of my gripes with the figure.  Nothing on the back is really locked into place, it all just kind of rests there.  Ramjet also has new hip tiles and calves.

Takara MP-11NR Masterpiece Ramjet Review

Will we get get Dirge and Thrust to complete our Conehead team?  I’d have to assume we will, but it will probably be a slow process. Maybe one per year for the next two years?  That seems fair to me and would space out these big ticket items.  I’d love if just one Seeker wasn’t a TT Mall or e-Hobby exclusive.  These figures are cool but not nearly worth the $200 price tag, not by a long shot.  If the Seeker mold was about $100 each that would probably be my sweet spot.

Takara MP-11NR Masterpiece Ramjet Review

I had a lot of trouble with this review.  It wasn’t an easy one to write or photograph.  Ramjet is a cool enough figure and a welcome addition to the collection, but he’s also just kind of there.  The Seekers aren’t the most photogenic robots in the world … at least for me they are just challenge to get into any kind of interesting pose.

Takara MP-11NR Masterpiece Ramjet Review

However, I can give Ramjet credit for forcing me to look over the Seeker mold again and not hate it as much.  I still don’t like it, but at least I don’t detest attempting to transform it anymore.


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