Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review

Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review

Serpentine King Hssss?  Haven’t we already gotten two of this guy in Masters of the Universe Classics?  Yes, indeed we have.  This figure is a little bit different, however.  Depending on your take it is either an egregious lie or a decent weapons pack with legs.  Here’s the lowdown …

Originally the snake upper body from this release was supposed to be part of the 200x He-Man vs King Hssss two-pack last year.  For whatever reason the alternate torso did not cost out, and we were told that it would probably be packed with a figure later in the year.  The Mattycollector crew went through quite a few changes in 2015, and more than likely this little detail was forgotten in the transition.  The fans asked “hey Mattycollector, remember that 200x King Hssss torso? What became of that?” And then Mattel’s response was “What?

Ultimately the torso exists and it is obtainable now, but unfortunately you do need to purchase what amounts to an entire figure to get it.  I’m sure some are of that mindset that 2015 subscribers shouldn’t have to pay for this.  However, I really don’t consider this situation any different than when past accessories were cut and sold to us later in weapon packs.

Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Serpentine King Hssss
Release Date: 03/15/2016
Price: $20.00

Serpentine King Hssss comes with a whole mess of stuff.  You get the “figure” which is the removable torso attached to a pair of snake legs.  Also included are recolored weapons from the Snake Men two-pack and a snake head to put on King Hssss’ human torso.  For $20 (plus ridiculous Matty shipping that I am mostly numb to at this point) it’s a solid deal with so much stuff packed in the card.

The new torso looks great!  The original one that came with King Hssss way back when was a much more simple vintage toy interpretation.  This new one is certainly more menacing looking as there are snakes everywhere!  The main giant snake loses the articulated jaw, however I find the head sculpt with the open mouth and exposed tongue preferable to the old one.  The smaller snakes all have wire-skeletons so they are able to be posed a bit.

I was never really hung up on getting the 200x King Hssss torso.  It wasn’t a big deal to me since I really like the look of that two-pack Hssss in his human form.  Honestly, I didn’t really feel ripped off by not having it either.  I’d already mentally moved on from it by the time this release was announced.  Regardless it’s still a nice surprised and they handled it as well as they could have short of handing out free Hssss torsos to every 2015 subscriber.

Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review

Serpentine King Hssss went on sale to 2015 subscribers on March 15, 2016.  I think that’s the last we’ve heard of him?  I’m not sure if he was made available to the public, and purchases were limited to three per person.  If you want the figure I would keep an eye out on Amazon since it may have been a very limited run that sold through on Matty’s side.




4 thoughts on “Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review”

  1. Did they send out an email about this or something? I was a 2015 subscriber, but don’t have anything in my inbox from them.

    1. There was on March 10, here is what it said:

      Hi Jonathan,

      You’re receiving this email because you were a 2015 subscriber, and your chance to own our new Serpentine King Hssss® is about to happen.

      We’ve heard you! And for the past few months, the team worked hard to address your feedback. It might have taken longer than we would have liked, but we wanted to make sure we got the figure right for you. We appreciate your feedback and we want to thank you for your patience with us throughout the whole process.

      Here’s how it’ll work: We’ve created a private shop for you inside, which will be open from March 15 to March 29, 2016. Inside that private shop, you’ll be able to order a maximum of three (3) Serpentine King Hssss figures.

      You’ll be able to access that private shop at the following link:

      In addition to Serpentine King Hssss, all of the figures from the March All Access Sale will be included in this shop, so you can save on shipping costs if you plan on buying anything else this month.

      1. Thanks for letting me know, I’ve checked both emails that matty have and that is not a message I got.
        Oh well, I probably wouldn’t have skipped it anyway, as my interest in MOTUC has withered away and pretty much become nonexistent, and I’m happy to have 200x King Hssss remain in his human form.

  2. Good-looking figure. I would be annoyed if I had been a subscriber, but I suppose this is the side-effect of big transitions at Mattel.

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