Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Review

Marvel Legends Civil War Giant Man Series Captain America Review

I wasn’t planning on doing a review of this figure.  Especially since we’ve basically gotten him two times before.  However, my good friend Nik (who is also an amazing artist and does commissions) asked for a comparison, so how could I say no?

The Age of Ultron and Civil War Captain America costumes are very similar, but not exactly the same.  They have different color placements as well as costume contours, so a perfect representation of the Civil War upper body would have to be newly sculpted.  They did not go this route, however.  This release is 100% reused sculpt from the Age of Ultron Cap.  There are no sculpted differences between the two, except this version leaves out a few of the extra hands.  I have to admit the paint fakes the differences pretty well though.  You have to look really close to see them.

I praised the prior wave’s comic-based Captain America for “sweetening the pot” of another Cap variant with extra hands and a head.  Unfortunately, this figure goes in the opposite direction.  He only comes with a shield and Giant Man’s head.  It’s a very bare-bones release.  The strange thing is that no new sculpting was required in order to give him an unmasked head and optional hands.  We’ve gotten them before in the Winter Soldier release.  The hands are still removable, however, if you want to outfit him with previous release’s appendages.

If it wasn’t for the Giant Man head this figure would be almost completely unnecessary, at least to me.  I do understand that they need a Captain America from the movie, though.  Him and Iron Man are the headliners and need representation on the shelves.  Releases like this make long time collectors like myself groan a bit.  I think I would have been more enthusiastic if they included any additional accessories.  This is as bare-bones a release as you can get in Marvel Legends.

I’ve mentioned in all the prior reviews that this figure isn’t on shelves yet.  In fact Hasbro really only released the press photos today, so hopefully they should be going up soon!  I’d keep my eyes on Amazon and Entertainment Earth, they tend to be my go to places for these Marvel Legends waves.

Edit: This wave’s case IS not available at Entertainment Earth!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Review

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  1. I may need to get him. The extra hands are great, but I’d always have him with fists anyway. Since I don’t have the Winter Soldier figure (loved the costume and colors, didn’t want the shield), and don’t have the AoU figure (didn’t like the colors), then I guess I’ll need this one, who looks like it takes the best aspects of the previous two figures and combines them.

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