Hasbro Marvel Legends Electro Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Space Venom Series Electro Review

Electro is a fixture in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. You’ll almost always find him in the latest “Sinister Six” team, and if not he’ll still be off doing the bad things Electro does. We’ve had a couple iterations of the character in Marvel Legends. The first was a very classic version of the character in a Toybiz Sinister Six box set, and then the second was the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro played perfectly by the sensational Jamie Foxx.

I’d wager that most fans are more familiar with the classic green outfit with the big yellow electric bolt styled face mask. While this version does come with the classic head, the rest of the body and other head is built around a more current iteration of the character. This Electro is from the Superior Sinister Six. Not to be confused with the Sinister Foes which included characters like Beetle and Speed Demon.

While the costume isn’t my ideal one, the choice isn’t my biggest gripe with this figure. The problem I have is that he only includes the “Emperor Palpatine” hands. It’s mind boggling why Hasbro chose not to include an alternate pair of normal hands for Electro.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Electro Review

I came up with my own solution to this, and while it isn’t entirely comic accurate I like it well enough. I reached deep into my storage bin and pulled out all of the white Iron Fist’s (from the Odin wave) hands. Thankfully, they are are removable and the inputs on Iron Fist’s hands fit perfectly into Electro’s wrists. Sure, his hands should be gloved but I’m fine with them being bare. That clutching sculpt¬†works really well and feels fitting for the character.

What Hasbro has made here is a near perfect Superior Sinister Six version of Electro. However, like Cable in the X-Men wave, this probably isn’t what most people were hoping to get. I appreciate the character choice as well as the head swap of the classic look. However, Electro is a villain who has been around so long that there is a reasonable expectation to tackle his most iconic look. The last time we got that costume was in 2004 when he was part of the Sinister Six box set from Toy Biz. That set still goes for bookoo bucks these days, even though Hasbro has made almost all of the individual figures from it obsolete.

Still want Electro? Well you are in luck as Amazon has begun getting this wave it! If you are more interested in building the Space Venom build-a-figure, then Entertainment Earth is currently taking case orders as well.




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