SDCC 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men and GOTG Official Pictures!

Hasbro held a Marvel Legends panel earlier today and revealed partial lineups for their 2017 X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy series. I appreciate that this time they did not hold back the build-a-figure from either wave. We still do not know what the new Spider-Man wave’s build-a-figure will be! Anyways, here are the two lineups with official pictures from Hasbro:

X-Men Legends 2017 Wave 1:
Build-A-Figure: Warlock
Cyclops (Jim Lee)
Sunfire (Classic)

Guardians of the Galaxy Legends 2017 Wave 1:
Build-A-Figure: Titus
Nova (Sam Alexander)
Vance Astro

In addition to these there were six-inch versions of Dark Phoenix, Monica Rambeau, Mary Jane, and Sue Storm with Robbie. No indication yet as to where these three will land, but I’d be willing to guess at least one of them will be the 2017 Walgreens exclusive. I could see Walgreens possibly doing the Fantastic Four as individual packed exclusives, Mary Jane in the first 2017 Spider-Man wave, and Dark Phoenix as part of a future box set? Who knows how this all shakes out. I’m sure we’ll have more solid intel by the time New York Comic Con rolls around.


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