Hasbro Marvel Legends Wolverine X-Men Review

Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Series Wolverine Review

Wolverine is a staple of the X-Men universe. At least some variation of him will always anchor any X-Men themed Marvel Legends wave. People just love Logan, but in the past few years he’s been relegated to the back burner, replaced by the likes of Captain America and Iron Man. However, he’s back now for a limited engagement!

What do we want? WOLVERINE! When do we want him? NOW!

This entire wave replaces a majority of the characters we got in the 2004 Toy Biz ML6 wave: Juggernaut, Cable, Deadpool, Phoenix, and Wolverine. Some of these figures like Cable, Juggernaut, and Deadpool have had updates since 2004. However, ML6 was the last time we got a Marvel Legends Wolverine in his brown costume, so this figure is just about twelve years overdue. It’s no wonder people are excited.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Wolverine X-Men Review

Wolverine comes packaged with a secondary set of hands with the claws retracted and Juggernaut’s head. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m happy that they included the hands. However, the claws are removable so it is slightly redundant. The advantage the retracted hands have is that there are no holes where the claws should be. And how did the claws turn out this time? Pretty good! They aren’t perfect, but they are leaps and bounds better than the plastic claws we’ve seen in the past. These ones are made of very rigid plastic and plug into the three holes on the top of his hand. Warping is no longer an issue. However, sometimes the claws don’t align right, so it may take a little bit of removing them and putting them back in to position them just right.

Hasbro went back to the drawing board and built this Wolverine from scratch. He has an all new body that appears to be just the right height for the character. He’s had a long past of generally being too big, so it’s great that they finally took his size into consideration and may have finally created the “Pizza Spidey” of Wolverines. Unfortunately he doesn’t come with some type of food accessory like Spider-Man did.

There really isn’t much I can say bad about this Wolverine, it really is a fantastic figure! If it were up to me I’d maybe sacrifice the extra hands to get a secondary “savage” head of sorts. An emotive screaming Wolverine would be great! If we do get one with another costume down the line, the colors will not match unless his mask is off. Of course this is more of a preference than complaint, what we have here is damn good.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Wolverine X-Men Review

Wolverine is another popular release from this X-Men themed Marvel Legends wave. Him, Rogue, and Deadpool are currently marked way up on Amazon since the preorders sold out. Of course you can still lock into a case from Entertainment Earth to just get the entire set and build Juggernaut.



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