Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Series 2 Review

Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Blind Bag Series 2 Review

I’m really not a huge fan of blind-bagged toys. If I can’t get an entire set through buying a case I will generally pass on the series. But not these! There is no way I’m passing on another round of Cute But Deadly Blizzard mini-figures.

This line got its start all the way back in 2013 with a San Diego Comic Convention exclusive version of Sylvanas Windrunner. Since then, Blizzard has used the mini-figure series for various exclusives including yearly SDCC and Blizzcons. Last year they introduced the first proper wave of figures, which were blind-boxed. It included some new sculpts in addition to reusing a few of the prior year’s exclusives. For this year’s Blizzcon, they are debuting the second wave which includes twelve all new toys to add to the collection.

Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Series 2 Review

Of the twelve new figures, only one has seen release before: Illidan. He was a 2015 San Diego Comic Convention exclusive molded in a clear ‘demon‘ form. Blizzard’s new competitive first person shooter, Overwatch, plays a pretty heavy role in this series taking up five character slots: Bastion, Soldier 76, Tracer, Pharah, and an Anubis Pharah variant. Starcraft gets Nova and Raynor. Diablo gets a Barbarian and two variations of the Treasure Goblin. Finally, Illidan and Tyrande represent the Warcraft universe. There do not appear to be any chases this time around, or at least they aren’t advertised on the box like they were in the previous series.

Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Series 2 Review

The box states that all characters have a 1/12 ratio, so theoretically if you bought a case you could get the whole set. Unfortunately, I only bought ten so I was at the mercy of random chance. I did not end up with a whole set. This caused me to put in a second order which is probably a giant mistake. I have terrible luck with blind-boxed figures. I’ll likely pull seven more Soldier 76. I can live with that though, after all, we’re all soldiers now!

Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Series 2 Review

Of the ten figures I bought, my pull went down like this:
2x Soldier 76
2x Barbarian
2x Rainbow Goblin
1x Tyrande
1x Tracer
1x Pharah
1x Anubis Pharah

I’m still missing Raynor, Nova, Bastion, Illidan, and regular Treasure Goblin. Hopefully my second order either completes or cuts into that list a bit. Having the rainbow Goblin I can live without the regular release. However, the other four are pretty essential characters as far as I’m concerned.

Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Series 2 Review

So what has improved from last year’s Cute But Deadly figurines? For starters, the stands have had much more thought put into them. Not a single figure topples over from having a poor center of gravity in this new set. The positioning on the holes for these new figure’s stands has improved tremendously. There is still issues where a figure will wear out the stand hole in their foot, making it too big and the stand useless. Thankfully it hasn’t occurred with any character that absolutely requires their base to stay up.

The characters in this set also feel bigger and more detailed. If these eventually hit stores, here is a tip for identifying Treasure Goblins: they are really heavy! If you pick up one that feels two to three times heavier than the rest then you have a Treasure Goblin. It’s not much of a tip to go on, but it will help you identify or avoid two of the twelve characters in this set. Sure, these aren’t action figures but I love the style. Sometimes I need a break from articulated action figures, and these Cute But Deadly Blizzard mini-figures really scratch that itch. Besides the unfortunate circumstance of being blind-bagged, these are fun and if you dig Blizzard’s characters this is a great line to collect.

Blizzcon 2016 Cute But Deadly Series 2 Review

Beside’s Blizzard’s online store you can always keep an eye on Amazon for Cute But Deadly figures.


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