Blizzcon 2016 World of Warcraft Core Hound Bobblehead Review

Blizzcon 2016 World of Warcraft Core Hound Bobblehead Review

I always find it’s hardest for me to get back on track after a big convention. New York Comic Con was a pretty crazy affair this year. I still have a handful of articles to post from it, but the hustle back and forth just wore me out. So I ended up taking a little more than a week off from good old Preternia, sorry! Sure, I have a gigantic backlog of figures that need review, but instead I’m going to take a look at something a little more simple today to ease myself back in.

Blizzcon, Blizzard’s all-encompassing entertainment convention, is exactly two weeks away. Of course, with that comes exclusive merchandise! This year they actually opened up all their merchandise sales to ticket-holders prior to the show. All items can be ordered and shipped directly to your house, so no lugging around giant bags of swag while you attend the show. I really prefer when companies do this, it’s so convenient and makes stressful convention spending much easier.

Blizzcon 2016 World of Warcraft Core Hound Bobblehead Review

I grabbed a handful of items from the sale but I’d like to start out with this guy, the Core Hound Bobblehead. I don’t own a lot of bobbleheads, but I really liked the look of this figure. Which was why I bought it. Core Hounds are pretty rad in my book. They bring back the memories of those tedious Molten Core raids I subjected myself to instead of going out and being sociable during my mid twenties.

Bad memories aside, this is a lovely piece. It’s definitely a step up in quality from the Funko POP! Blizzard items I own. There is a nice heft to this vinyl figure. Also the bobble mechanism is more than just a spring, so it almost never stops moving its head. This also makes it a little tough to take clear pictures of it because the head is always in motion. The lava-orange paint work is striking. Finally, they also put real chains on the hound’s collars.

Blizzcon 2016 World of Warcraft Core Hound Bobblehead Review

The Core Hound sold out in the initial early sale from Blizzard, however they expect to get more in at a later date. I’d assume after Blizzcon 2016 they will make all of the exclusive items that are left available to the general public. Hopefully some Core Hounds will be left.

At $25 each the figure is about what I’d expect for that price, especially since it is a convention exclusive. Sure, he costs a little more but compare this figure’s paint, sculpt, and construction to that of a Funko POP! and there isn’t even a contest. This would make a fun little memento for any World of Warcraft fan. A callback to much simpler times in Azeroth.

Blizzcon 2016 World of Warcraft Core Hound Bobblehead Review



3 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2016 World of Warcraft Core Hound Bobblehead Review”

  1. Before I leave to forget a comment, this review helped me tremendously decide on what seemed to “already-be-decided”! The Core Hound is a look back into older days, actually the first big raid besides Onyxia back in the WoW Vanilla days. The interesting thing is that despite myself not being on WoW since ye olden days, I can’t help but look for and try to collect anything that is reminiscent of THAT TIME!

    Yes, we were raiders and dungeon crawlers (and some of us, PvPers?) back in the primordial shaping of Azeroth (ok not that long ago) and we let most of our significant (or not so significant) lives go along with all the social interactions that may or may not have happened — but we definitely kind of “lived” in WoW back then, right?
    Our guilds became our families, our interactions with the World of Warcraft became memorable enough to leave an imprint in our lives. Now that I have gone way past that and love Warcraft no less, maybe more — maybe I want to go back, .. yes but mostly a big no.

    I want memorabilia of my time there and so this Molten Core hound is something from that distant past. It got sold out almost immediately in the first 3 days or so and now it’s actually back. I wanted to see if there was a review of it anywhere on the interwebs — lo and behold, right here in Preternia. Thank you very much for the review, a lot of the words struck a very close chord in my molten core (let that slide) and now, I must buy it for nostalgia’s sake.

    One day, I will get the real life version of the legendary hammer, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.. which I have received as one of the first legendaries on my server, Argent Dawn, back in vanilla WoW.

    1. So glad to hear about this figure bringing back those memories, I feel the same way!

      I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since my old vanilla guild, and yet there are still a handful of people I still talk to from those days. Back in the days when I was still in college and had all the time in the world to spend hours farming, raiding, or just sitting on vent bullshitting.

      Congrats on getting Sulfuras! I still come back to the game (usually when an expansion hits, I still like to keep my Shaman at the max level) from time to time and always hit up Molten Core in an attempt to finally get those 10 ingots for mine. One of these days it will happen 😀

      1. Yeah, I actually come back to the game as well almost every expansion besides Mists of Pandaria, I missed that one entirely.

        Thank you! It was many, many months of nothing until that eye finally dropped — and it was a guild effort back then and I still remember my reaction as well as every time I did /kneel or /pray? or something after the kill. Haha, yeah, I was in college then too (and WoW didn’t exactly help academically)

        I still remember the chance of Bindings of Windseeker dropping from Garr? or was it another one in MC. Anyway, I let go of my Paladin a long time ago and he’s the one with the hammer. I think if I ever level him again, I need to make him a Human again (since he’s been turned Tauren.. when I switched servers, long story) — I have thought of leveling him but I feel like he’s part of the relic now. Too much history with him! I hope you get your ingots and get your Sulfuras one day too.

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