NECA Pacific Rim Ultimate Gipsy Danger Review

NECA Pacific Rim Ultimate Gipsy Danger Review

So it’s come to this. The last figure has finally been released for NECA’s long running Pacific rim line: Cletus the Fox Sports Sunday football playing robot errrr I mean, Ultimate Gipsy Danger 2.0. Just as the line began with its main protagonist it’s only fitting to go out on a high note. Gipsy is a much improved and overall definitive version of the mecha who is in fact NOT the guy dancing at the bottom of my TV screen in between replays and downs while the Steelers are playing every Sunday.

I jumped into the Pacific Rim series towards the end of its run and worked my way back into the older waves. Hearing complaints of the previously released Gipsy sculpts and reading that an improved one was on the horizon, I decided to wait. The big issues for previous sculpts were that the paint apps weren’t the best, which is insane knowing how detailed NECA usually is, but was apparently the issue of being mass produced to Walmarts before Walmart dropped out at the last minute. As well as limited articulation in general.

NECA Pacific Rim Ultimate Gipsy Danger Review

Both those issues have been addressed and solved! Articulation has been upgraded big time. As you can see in these photos, Gipsy can do some sick Jean Claude Van Damme caliber splits now as her thigh joints are no longer ball joints but swivel-hinged. Her thigh armor has been retooled and shortened to accommodate poseability as they would actually hit the waist in previous sculpts and limit the movement. The shoulder ball joints are a little longer than previous releases to allow more range of motion. The biceps are on a swivel but in addition they have a piece of blue armor that can slide up and down so the elbows are able to bend slightly farther. The feet are also a little bit bigger so it is easier to balance while in some poses. Her overhauled paint job is applauded as previous versions didn’t have the black and yellow ‘warning’ stripes on the shins, as well as the better white and red stripe trim. She has a darker and vibrant steel blue mixed with some black dry brush to show some wear to it as well. I’ve read people complaining about how there is some gloss that is actually rubbing off on peoples hands but that was not the case for me.

As always every Ultimate NECA figure comes packaged in the window flap box and an armament of accessories. Gipsy comes with two sets of hands: opened and closed, two forearm cannons, two chain swords, and a reactor energy blast for her chest cavity. Speaking of which, Gipsy’s chest cavity now has an LED light in it which can also illuminate the energy blast. The button for the light is inconspicuously hiding in plain sight on the left side side of it’s chest. The chain swords are keyed and are under the forearm armor so they can only go in one way so don’t “ham hand” them! As per usual with NECA there was a couple of tight joints on the figure that a hair dryer easily fixed. One of those was on the elbow joint so use caution the first time you swap an arm or hand out.

If you have any other version of Gipsy and are disappointed with the figure but love the character it’s time to get an upgrade. While I’m not a fan at the thought rebuying the same character over and over again with new tweaks. (I’m looking at you Jungle Hunter Predator and 50% of DC Collectibles) this version of Gipsy Danger has fantastic quality-of-life characteristics that improve the figure ten fold and gives you no reason to hang on to the older versions. While this may be the end for now and we won’t be getting the last few remaining Kaiju from the movies or the Jaegers Brawler Yukon or an upgraded Crimson Typhoon; Ultimate Gipsy Danger gives me hope that NECA will pick up the license for Pacific Rim 2 whenever it comes about and picks up where they left off.

Ultimate Gipsy is currently available on Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

NECA Pacific Rim Ultimate Gipsy Danger Review

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