Hasbro Marvel Legends Space Venom Build-a-figure Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Space Venom Build-A-Figure Review

Hasbro seems very intent on making every version of Venom imaginable. Can you blame them though? Symbiotes generally make really fun toys, even the weird stuff like Anti-Venom or Toxin. Kids love murderous alien parasites! We got a really nice classic Eddie Brock version of the character earlier this year, but for this wave we’re going back to Flash Thompson. No, it’s not the Agent Venom who Walgreens provided us with a few years back. This is the Venom that, like all good horror franchises, up and went to space. It’s actually a pretty smart play releasing a Space Venom build-a-figure the year before a big Guardians of the Galaxy push.

In order to build Venom you will need to purchase six figures from the latest Spider-Man wave: Ultimate Peter Parker Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Silk, Electro, Hobgoblin, and Spider-Bitch (not actually named that on the package). I understand my opinion is slightly tainted because I’ll buy them all anyway, but this is a fun wave and while some of the females are a bit obscure they are still all very well done.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Space Venom Build-a-figure Review

While at first glance, Venom looks very much like a retool of the Ultimate Green Goblin, however, he’s anything but. The figure looks to be a completely new sculpt all around. Running a finger over his body (which sounds so hot) will reveal that all the white areas are actually raised on the sculpt. Not just the main body but also the arms and legs.

While I was at NYCC I asked Tony from the Hasbro Marvel Legends team if Space Venom was all new. He claims it is, but they are using some of his parts for the upcoming Titus build-a-figure in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy wave. Actually I didn’t specifically ask him that, I was more curious as to his favorite figures of the year. Juggernaut was his number one choice, but Space Venom got a special mention.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Space Venom Build-a-figure Review

There is little to complain about with this figure. Perhaps it may be a little obscure for those not keeping up with current comics? Maybe they could have included an open mouth head? Other than that he’s a home run to me. I love the bright white on black, and how cleanly it is all painted on him. Between him, the Guardians of the Galaxy box set, and whatever surprises we have in store next year, there is an amazing cosmic collection growing within Marvel Legends.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Space Venom Build-a-figure Review

I know Fantastic Four has been off the table for a bit, but a GOTG Thing would make me very happy. I suppose we’ll have to let Walgreens handle his normal release first.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Space Venom Build-a-figure Review

The Space Venom Spider-Man Legends wave is available at Amazon. You can also pick up a case at Entertainment Earth while supplies last.


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