Mattel MOTUC General Sundar Review

Mattel MOTUC General Sundar Review

It’s a little weird to think that in three more months Mattel will no longer be producing Masters of the Universe Classics. It’s going to be even weirder titling all my reviews as “Super7 MOTUC …” if the whole Super7 thing pans out, of course. That is, if I feel like continuing with this new iteration of Masters of the Universe Classics.

There certainly is some allure in just being done with MOTUC once Mattel bows out. I can mentally make a clean break from the line right there and then. That would be the most common sense approach for me. I’m certainly not the rabid He-Man collector I was eight years ago. I don’t even have Masters of the Universe on display in my house anymore. The figures come in, I open them, maybe review them, and then bag them up to put into bins.

On the other hand, the Filmation subscription this year has been really fun. If Super7 can catch the some of the essence of that line, I may stick around a little longer. We’ll see!

Masters of the Universe Classics – General Sundar
Release Date: 09/15/2016 (Collector’s Choice Subscription)
Price: $24.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Title: Heroic Former Horde General

There were some who raged against those MOTUC bios for so long, and I can admit to throwing a little fuel on that fire myself. Now that they are gone and most releases are Z-tier characters I actually miss them. Obviously I could look it up online, but it would have been nice to have a quick bio on the back of the card explaining why Sundar is known as a “Heroic Former Horde General.

Mattel MOTUC General Sundar Review

General Sundar is another character whose name fell victim to lost trademarking. Either they lost the name “Sunder” or they just weren’t able to trademark it. So he now goes by “Sundar” which is a little less intimidating than his prior moniker.

One of the best aspects of this release isn’t even even the figure, it’s the packed in accessories. General Sundar comes with two pistols, some kind of Horde axe, and three Horde Trooper heads. I hope you have a few extra Horde Troopers sitting around because you’re going to want to mess around with these heads. The three included are the Naval Trooper, Flashback Trooper, and a helmet with a strange alien-looking purple head poking out. All of the heads look great and have no issues plugging into the Horde Trooper bodies.

Don’t have Horde Troopers? Don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a set off eBay? Hang tight, there are rumors that the single carded Horde Troopers will still happen in November along with the Roton vehicle. I still have my doubts, but that would be great if they are! It will definitely help out those folks that lack the Troopers to put these new heads on.

The General Sundar sculpt is very heavy on the reuse, but it doesn’t trigger me like seeing a pair of Trap Jaw legs. This is only the second time we’ve seen the Horde Trooper body get reused, so it still has that new car smell. The only differences between Sundar and a regular Trooper besides paint is the new chest, head, and waist piece. I really like how they included two holsters for his guns around his waist. Being able to store the accessories on the actual character is always a plus for me.

Mattel MOTUC General Sundar Review

General Sundar is a nice toy! As you may be able to tell from my lack of Masters of the Universe Classics reviews, I haven’t been all that enamored with most of the figures I’ve gotten this year. I have a soft spot for Horde Troopers, however, so Sundar and his collection of helmets do it for me. He adds the right amount of fun and variety to my MOTUC collection that I need to keep me interested this late in the game. Thus, he will not be immediately banished to the storage room bins. Him and his Horde Trooper brethren will have a proper place on my desk for the time being.

If you missed him on Mattycollector, General Sundar is available on Amazon.


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