Hasbro Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Dr Strange Dormammu Wave Review

Marvel Legends Dr Strange Dormammu Series Nico Minoru Review

Runaways fans, your ship has arrived! Nico Minoru marks the first character from the popular Brian K. Vaughan series to be produced under the Marvel Legends toy line. In the same year we’ve broken ground in both Runaways and Nextwave. Sure Dirk Anger was just a head but that’s okay, Silvermane was just a head too and he did just fine for himself. Now if Hasbro could one day make a serious run at completing Alpha Flight (and updating Guardian), that would be great!

Nico not only appears to be a completely new sculpt, but she’s also packed with a ton of stuff as well. She includes the Staff of One, an energy effect, an alternate left arm, and Dormammu’s skirt and naughty bits. Somehow Hasbro skipped those alternate hands I’m always asking for on the females and went straight to entire arms! The shoulder joints appear to be built very similar to the Jubilee build-a-figure, but they are both able to be removed and plugged back in to your heart’s content. The replacement left arm is cast in translucent purple plastic to simulate her using her magic powers.

While they were able to add a swappable arm feature, the real action feature Nico fans world-wide wanted was omitted. Sorry folks, unfortunately she is unable to store and pull the Staff of One out of her chest.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Dr Strange Dormammu Wave Review

As has been seen with releases like Kitty Pryde and Silk, there has definitely been improvements in whatever process is used to decal Marvel Legends’ faces. I’ve especially noticed it on the female figures since they are typically smaller and often require more precise details. Across the board, however, they’ve gotten very sharp and it’s been a welcome improvement. It’s also worth mentioning that they seem to be past just putting the female heads on ball joints and calling it a day. Nico and most recent male and female Legends now rock the ball and swivel neck. These little “quality of life” improvements to the figures’ sculpts have been great and I appreciate them quite a bit.

Nico is far and away my favorite figure in this Dr. Strange themed Marvel Legends wave. She possibly would have had to fight for that position with Enchantress, but since I’ve already had The Raft version of Enchantress for over a month, Nico wins out. She’s an incredible original sculpt with beautiful paints and a great set of accessories. I’d have to assume Hasbro’s thinking was “if we’re going to make it obscure, it better be damn good looking.” She could easily pass as one of the best female figures of the year. A year that we’ve had Scarlet Witch, Enchantress, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Silk, and Spider-Gwen could see that little girl from Runaways take female figure of the year. Isn’t that something?

Nico is currently available over at Amazon. If you are thinking of grabbing a case of Dr. Strange Marvel Legends, Entertainment Earth has you covered!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Dr Strange Dormammu Wave Review



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