Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Abomination Wave Review

Marvel Legends Abomination Wave Scarlet Witch Review

Here I’ve been ranting and raving about how Falcon and Winter Soldier complete Team Cap, when it’s Scarlet Witch who actually has the honor of being the final member to complete the team. Hasbro has just dropped so much Marvel Legends product on me in the last couple months that it’s become increasingly hard to keep up with it all! Not that I’m complaining. There was a time where an entire year would pass with no Legends at all. Now the shakes start to set in if I go a month without my precious Legends.

The Abomination wave is an interesting one. It’s labeled as the third and final Captain America: Civil War series of 2016, but the lineup is not nearly as focused as the previous two waves. I’d wager most people’s first, third, or fifth choice for Abomination’s affiliation wouldn’t be as a foe of Captain America. This wave has a little bit of everything: Serpent Society, some much needed remakes, and a Captain America variant so obscure it’s only seen in about two actual comic pages. Scarlet Witch is the only movie-themed character in this set, and she’s a good one — maybe even better than this Doom mod that turns everything in the game into Tim Allen.

Scarlet Witch comes packaged with an Abomination head and two flame effects. I applaud the effort of including effect parts with Wanda, however the execution probably could have been better. The thickness and lack of transparency in the plastic end up making it look more like she’s holding two red soft-serve ice creams. I know she doesn’t really create flame, but the Bandai flame effect packs work really well as a substitute for what she comes with. Check them out below …

Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Abomination Wave Review

Compared to this …

Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Abomination Wave Review

The likenesses on Marvel Legends’ movie figures traditionally haven’t been that great. Scarlet Witch is certainly the exception to that rule. While obviously not Hot Toys-level detailed, she’s about as good as you are going to get at six-inch scale. The detail on her jacket and outfit is really well done too. Hasbro did not cut any corners bringing Scarlet Witch to production.

The only real problem I have with my figure is that her right leg is warped inward. This tends to happen quite a bit with Marvel Legends figures because the toys get crammed into a plastic shell, often in odd poses that push against their joints. It isn’t nearly as bad as my Jack O’ Lantern’s legs, but it is slightly annoying from an aesthetic perspective. Despite the warping she is still able to stand quite well.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Abomination Wave Review

Scarlet Witch is probably the all-star of this third Civil War wave. It’s just a shame that she may be tough for fans to get to if they don’t buy cases, since she is packed only one per box. If you are looking to get her, I’d try to grab her as soon as possible. I say this only because with all of the Marvel Legends product hitting stores, it’s looking like this wave may get glossed over. Give it a little bit of time and an essential figure like Scarlet Witch could balloon in price. That’s just my thinking, I do hope more people are able to get a hold of her because she’s one of the best looking movie figures to date.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Abomination Wave Review

Scarlet Witch can be had on Amazon if you are looking for just her. If you are thinking of grabbing a case, our friends at Entertainment Earth have you covered, fam!



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