Hasbro Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern Spider-Man Series Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Jack O’Lantern Review

The nice thing about getting one or two offbeat characters like Jack O’Lantern per wave is that they eventually start to connect with the others.  Not only can he just hang out on my Spider-Man shelf, but he can now do battle with 2014’s (Walgreens Exclusive!) Agent Venom figure.  On top of that Red Skull Onslaught should be coming with the new Captain America wave at any time now.  Right off the bat you have two characters who have battled Jack O’Lantern.  Those connections are being made all over the place, and sometimes building a rivalry is just as exciting as building a comic book team.

Jack O’Lantern comes on the Ghost body, a body I never thought we would see again.  If you don’t recall Ghost came in the San Diego Comic Convention exclusive Thunderbolts set.  I had that set at one time and actually had to return it to Hasbro because Ghost’s knee snapped on me.  Shockingly, the body is still not all that great.

Out of the package he had really bad outwardly warped knees.  Being a very skinny body this made it almost impossible to stand as is.  My solution was to stick something between the legs and rubber band the feet together so that the legs would bend in the other direction.  For the most part it worked, but now the knees are super loose and sometimes like to buckle outward.  Another problem I had was that his right ankle joint was fused, so no matter how hard I try I can’t move it up or down.  The rocker motion still works however, but I don’t trust this guy to stand for any extended period of time unassisted.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern Spider-Man Series Review

The lower body isn’t the only part with issues.  The shoulder balls are on some REALLY tight ratchets, so be careful when adjusting the arms as it takes some serious force.  If you can get past all of those things there is a pretty neat figure behind it!

Jack O’Lantern is packaged with an Absorbing Man leg, flaming broom, a sickle, and a pumpkin bomb.  I think everything but the sickle was re-purposed from previous figures’ accessories.  You may recognize the broom from Brother Voodoo in last year’s SDCC Doctor Strange set.  Since Jack’s hands are stuck in an always open pose, little handles were added to the sickle and broom.  The broom also has little bars coming out of the side for his feet.  He has no problems holding his pumpkin bomb, those hands are made to hold ball shaped objects.

I’m a giant fan of the niche characters sneaking their way into Marvel Legends waves.  While I love the look and everything about Jack O’Lantern it is very hard to get past how poorly made he is.  The warped, loose, and extra tight joints just suck a lot of the enthusiasm I have to mess around with him.  I attribute this more to the choice of body than the quality of Marvel Legends as a whole.  The Ghost body is a good looking slim body template, but it’s very susceptible to warping.  Especially in those long legs.  Still, I can’t deny that flaming pumpkin head sculpt isn’t awesome … it’s really cool!  Jack is a really fun character with a pretty flawed execution.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern Spider-Man Series Review

Jack O’Lantern can be had at Amazon.  If you want to preorder the case to his whole wave look no further than Entertainment Earth.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern Spider-Man Series Review

How many more figures we got in this wave?  Doing daily reviews is rough!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern Spider-Man Series Review


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