NECA Alien Isolation S6 Amanda Ripley Compression Suit Review

NECA Alien Isolation Amanda Ripley (Compression Suit) Review

Alien Isolation was a game I played very briefly and gave up on.  I got hints of it, but I never really encountered the Xeno before I put away the game either.  I must have just been in a bad mindset at the time because I just did not feel like getting into a stealth first person shooter.  So much so that I requested a refund from Steam and got it, so I can’t really go back to the game now without buying it again.  I’m not really sure why I had such strong negative reaction to the game.  Survival horror is hardly a foreign thing to me, in fact it’s one of my favorite genres.  I’ve been sitting here the past few months having a blast replaying the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series.  Something about Isolation annoyed me when I played it though.  I probably should give it another try when I get some free time, and when the game’s price goes down during the summer Steam sale.

So in a surprising move NECA announced last year that Alien Isolation would be the theme of their sixth Alien action figure wave.  I was pretty excited about that as I like to get new humans to add to my collection.  With a line that is probably a nightmare in attempting to obtain likeness rights, I’m sure it is a bit of a relief to have that one wave with none.  Since the game stars Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, no likeness rights are needed considering that she’s a video game character.  The wave consists of three figures: Compression Suit Amanda, Jumpsuit Amanda, and the Isolation Xenomorph.

Besides the likeness, this is also probably a pretty cost friendly and low risk wave since both of the Amanda variants are retools of previous Ripley figures.  I grabbed both Amandas but passed on the Xeno.  I have a lot of Xenomorphs already and I needed a breather.

This certainly isn’t my first run-in with the “Nostromo” or “Compression Suit.”  I’ve bought it with three previous figures: Ripley, Dallas, and Kane.  In response to my previous reviews on this suit the number one thing I get emails and comments on is asking how to slip the bottom part of the helmet firmly into the torso.  In my experience the tab fits fine but the front will give you all kinds of problems.

NECA Alien Isolation S6 Amanda Ripley Compression Suit Review

There are a couple ways to make the front tab easier to pop in.  First, before inserting the helmet pop off the head.  These heads are made to pop off, and you can avoid scratching up the face by doing so.  Next, check the slit where the tab goes in to and make sure there are no paint chips or malformed plastic within.  If there are then scrape them out.  Finally, file down the front of the tab on the helmet.  It will have a little bump at the bottom, and when shaved down it will no longer restrict it from fitting.  This doesn’t cause any noticeable damage to the figure since that part tucks into the torso.  This has worked for me with all four figures, so I hope it will also assist anybody reading as well.

NECA Alien Isolation S6 Amanda Ripley Compression Suit Review

Amanda comes with a few newly sculpted parts to differentiate her from previous compression suit releases.  Obviously the head is new, but the box that connects to her abdomen and the gun are also unique sculpts.  The sculpted parts are nice, but what really make her stick out is the paint.  She probably has the most striking paint job of the four.  The bright yellow with the red highlights is very complimentary to the suit.  Since the game is an extension of sorts to the first Alien movie the suit is very much the same.  The only real difference between the game and the action figure is that in game the shoulder pads are depicted quite a bit larger.

I continue to claim that I’m not going to buy another one of these compression suit figures, yet they always draw me back in.  Yes, I’ll also grab a Lambert if she is to ever come out as well.  Amanda turned out pretty great!  If you have previous figures that use this suit then you know what you are getting.  It’s a very beautiful and detailed sculpt, and the Isolation paint scheme showcases how nice it really is.  Of course, the price point being on or around $20 is always a draw with the NECA Alien and Predator lines.  The figure is available all over the place now, but if you are looking online Amazon has her or you can grab the Alien Isolation set here.

NECA Alien Isolation S6 Amanda Ripley Compression Suit Review


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