Hasbro Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Walmart Exclusive Review

Marvel Legends Civil War Winter Soldier Walmart Exclusive Review

I’m not sure what is worse, the complete omission of a character in a movie wave or releasing that character but doing it poorly? Winter Soldier was part of the Mandroid build-a-figure series way back in 2014 when the Captain America movie themed around him was released. Unfortunately, he wasn’t one of their best efforts. I’m actually a little surprised we never got a comic version of Bucky since then. He’s pretty much been ignored toy-wise up until this point. Thankfully he’s a new Walmart Exclusive with his best friend Falcon.

This is a great Bucky toy! Which is a little funny because most of this figure is reused parts from the first one. The only difference is that they gave him a new chest and head. What a difference it makes, however, when they don’t paint black smudges over his eyes. This Winter Soldier does not feature the “racoon eyes” of the previous release. In fact they took it a step further and actually painted the flesh tones on his face, and it did wonders for his likeness. Painted skin color isn’t something we see too often on Marvel Legends these days.

He’s a fairly bare-bones release as far as accessories go, and since there is no build-a-figure to fill bubble space the box does look a little empty. They chose not to include his garish red sniper rifle this time around. Instead, he comes with a pistol and a knife. Being the klutz I am, I managed to lose his knife maybe five minutes after opening him. It was on my kitchen counter and then it was just gone! I hope I didn’t eat it. So I apologize for the lack of sexy Winter Soldier knife shots in this review. In my old age I’m becoming forgetful and oblivious to my surroundings.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Walmart Exclusive Review

I’m not a huge fan of his pistol because his hand is intended to hold it, but doesn’t grip it all that well. At least he actually has trigger fingers so I can pull guns out of my vast accessory collection for him to use.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Walmart Exclusive Review

The recent releases of Winter Soldier, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch officially complete “Team Cap” from Civil War. I suppose we could get an updated Hawkeye, but the four-pack version from last year is still serviceable even if not entirely movie accurate. “Team Iron-Man” is still missing Vision. Somehow Hasbro has released around 80 Marvel Legends Visions in the last two years but none of them from the movie.

If you can find Winter Soldier, he’s a good guy and deserves a home. I think we all understand that Walmart’s distribution can be shoddy. I’d say don’t kill yourself trying to find him yet, because him and Falcon may be more widely available when the Civil War DVD/Blu-Ray hits stores. He’s a much needed redo of a previously released figure. If you are collecting a movie team, you’ll love him. If you are hoping for a comic based Winter Soldier then keep on hoping, I’m with you.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Walmart Exclusive Review

If you don’t feel like playing the Walmart lottery he is available online for a markup.



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  1. Do you know if/when both Winter Soldier and Falcon will be available for retail price on Walmart’s website? I’ve been checking sporadically, but no listings have popped up.

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