NYCC 2016 Blitzway 1/6 Scale Ghostbusters

NYCC 2016: Blitzway 1/6 Scale Ghostbusters and Fight Club

While I think the Ghostbusters themselves are amazing, I really want the diorama they built for them! Blitzway had a few things to show the large crowds at New York Comic Convention this year, some 1/6 scale Ghostbusters and Fight Club figures. Not just any Ghostbusters, mind you, these are probably the best likenesses I have ever seen for the four guys. Egon, Ray, Pete, and Winston are all decked out in their jumpsuits, armed with proton packs and some amazing particle stream effects. A bonus Slimer is included as well, check them out here:

Also coming late next year from Blitzway is a whole gaggle of Tyler Durden 1/6 scale figures from Fight Club. The other two variants seem a little fringe to me, however, I have to guess that the red jacket version will be a giant hit. Check out the display below from the NYCC show floor:



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