NYCC 2016 Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V

NYCC 2016: Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V

We still have a month or two until the first Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V figure ships, but that hasn’t stopped them from showing a bunch of new prototypes and color variants! It looks as though all regular releases will be in the character’s ‘Player One’ color scheme. The ‘Special Edition’ releases will be in alternate color schemes, for the obsessive compulsive out there like me who needs them all. We’ve seen Ryu and M. Bison previously, but we now have a color variant for each, and we can add Ken to the lineup in both his red and blue costume.

Check out the pictures below from Storm Collectibles showcase featuring M. Bison, Ryu, and Ken from Street Fighter V:

Preorders for Ryu are currently up at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

M. Bison also has preorders up on Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

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