NYCC 2016 Good Smile Company

NYCC 2016: Good Smile Company Zelda, Portal, Resident Evil and More!

Good Smile certainly made a splash at New York Comic Convention this year! They’ve really amped up the production on their video game properties with Figma and Nendoroid reveals for Mega Man, Resident Evil, Zelda, Metroid, Portal 2, and even Kojima Productions new mascot Ludens.

Good Smile Company NYCC 2016

On top of that Good Smile actually hosted a panel this year that I was lucky enough to attend. They went over the production cycle of a Nendoroid and even live sculpted one in front of us. It was a fascinating how they explained that the glare in a Nendoroid’s eye is a way to show the age of a character, and generally a larger glare gives the impression of more innocence and youth. They also went on to show off some upcoming preorders including a first reveal of the Nendoroid Mega Man EXE. Oh and there should be an announcement soon about more Kirby parts, for those of you into that.

Now let’s take a look around their booth, shall we?

First up, one of the things that I hope leads to some Figmas (or at least a few more Nendoroids), Chris Redfield Nendoroid from Resident Evil 1.

Next we have Atlas and P-Body from Valve’s Portal 2! It was mentioned in panel that these are in very early prototype stages so they have no idea what is going to move, what gimmicks the figures may have, or even a price point. They do hope to make the eye panels open and close. They were shown in front of the DOTA2 Figma and Nendoroid (and you can check out our Anti-Mage review here).

Good Smile Company NYCC 2016

Back to the Nendoroids, we have a Mega Man X armor!

The gorgeous duo of Twilight Princess Zelda and Link.

On display was the mascot for Kojima Productions new company: Ludens! In panel they said they were just about completed sculpting him, and the next step will be to make his helmet clear to sculpt the head inside. Which I believe is a skull. This is going to be a pretty incredible piece once complete.

Good Smile Company NYCC 2016

Last, but certainly not least is a new Samus Aran! This version is from Metroid Prime 3 and is bulkier and much more detailed than the original Figma Samus.




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