NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Official Reveal Pictures!

Hasbro was kind enough to send over a set of official images for their New York Comic Convention 2016 Marvel Legends reveals! Below are press shots of the newly announced Sandman build-a-figure, Shocker, Shatterstar, and Old Man Logan. If you want to get a look at these figures from the floor of Hasbro’s pre-NYCC press event go ahead and click here.

Shocker will be part of the Sandman build-a-figure wave while it is assumed that Logan and Shatterstar will round out the first X-Men wave for 2017. No official pictures of Deaths Head II or Adam Warlock, but this is most likely because they were painted days before the convention. So photography was probably not completed for them yet. Of course you can always check them out on our prior article here.

Looks like another exciting year for Marvel Legends! Thanks again to the Hasbro team for providing these official shots.


1 thought on “NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Official Reveal Pictures!”

  1. That Sandman figure is absolutely incredible. I love it. Because of him, the Sandman wave may be the first Marvel Legends wave that I’m willingly spending my money on the entire wave at once.

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