NYCC 2016 Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

NYCC 2016: Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

They’re here! Super7 had their first set of prototypes for their newly inherited Masters of the Universe Classics line on display at New York Comic Convention. Noe temper your expectations a little bit here. If you were expecting a slew of new names like Granita and Horde Mummy then you are probably going to be a little disappointed. Super7’s first order of business is going back into the archives and releasing “Ultimate” versions of core characters. We get our first look at the ultimate versions of He-Man, Teela, Ram Man, Skeletor, and Faker.

NYCC 2016 Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

First up we have Ultimate He-Man. From what they had on display, He-Man should come with his vintage toy head, MOTUC head, and the Alcalla head. Two of the heads in this release were previously only included with subscriber-only figures. He also has his shield, axe, splitting power sword, and the Alcalla sword.

NYCC 2016 Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

Skeletor gets a nice update in which he gets the Alcala head, Keldor head, and his Classics head. He’ll also include a cape and three power swords. I believe this is the first time we’ve see the Alcala sword in purple.

NYCC 2016 Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

Ram Man will not rock a new orange tunic with red pants.

Teela gets a couple of new heads, however, it’s great that they are rereleasing her since the original figure goes for a ton of money on the secondary market right now.

NYCC 2016 Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

Finally we get a new vintage toy face for Faker. Along with that are his two other alternate heads, a shield, an axe, power swords, and another Alcala sword in orange. Not bad! I did mention to Brian over at Super7 that it would be great if Faker could come with the battle armor he had in the Toys ‘R’ Us two-pack, since that set is so cost inefficient anymore. We looked over pictures of the figure online and told me he thought it would be a great idea, and they’d see what they could do. I have to confess, I was looking out for my own self interest there are well since I don’t have that set.

Brian also confirmed that Super7 will be using the Mattel facilities to produce their Masters of the Universe Classics. So we should see very little to no difference in the materials used for each line.

Super 7 is looking to start taking preorders for their first subscription come November. At that time they will list the entire year’s lineup, so that fans can choose which (if any) subscriptions they want to take on. They hope to have both a Classics and Filmation subscription, each with eight figures in them. It wasn’t made abundantly clear if these Ultimate sets are part of that eight figure number, but I highly doubt it.


3 thoughts on “NYCC 2016: Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics”

  1. I’m interested to see what Super 7 will do. What I really want is a new Commemorative Edition. Those toys sell well on the ‘bay and I’d love to see some new obscure characters get the commemorative rather than the classic treatment.

  2. So is that IT for the NYCC reveals?!

    Where are the Fourhorseman’s 8 MOTU classic prototypes & the 8 Filmation protoypes that Pixel Dan mentioned are ready, in his video from NYCC?

    Anyone know?! Fwoosh, Toy Hype, – no mention of it whatsoever!

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