NECA Predator Series 16 Kenner Stalker Predator Review

NECA Predator Series 16 Stalker Predator (Kenner) Review

Fabled musician Huey Lewis once told the world that “this is it.” Well, this is it for the final figure in our look at Predator Series 16, aka ‘the third Kenner wave.’ I will also not apologize for that hackey Huey Lewis opener because he is amazing, cracks me up, and I won’t hear otherwise. My heart and soul has been put into the Predator franchise for awhile now, and this wave alone was walking a thin line for me. We had the robotic Spike Tail Predator and the underwhelming but decent Ghost Predator. Now without further ado, I present to you the newest figure to find a home in my personal collection: The Stalker Predator.

HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO GLOWS IN THE DARK! Unlike the Ghost Predator I reviewed previously, Stalker’s gimmick in full effect. He almost completely glows in the dark, just like his 1994 counterpart. NECA isn’t a stranger to this feature. They’ve made several figures previously such as the ‘Thermal Vision‘ Xenomorph, a glow in the dark egg set, and an ‘Endoglow’ Terminator Endoskeleton. The reason he glows in the dark is because his clan lives on the darkest part of the planet, so they had to adapt in order to see. It’s a super dumb, yet simple as that explanation for his slammin’ features.

Just like the other Predators in this series, his mask is also removable to reveal a not so traditional Predator head. Stalker has some curved horns jutting out of the side of his dome, which makes him stand out even more than he does already. Naturally he comes with three combisticks, two are retracted in order to plug into his back, and one that’s fully extended. If the spears are old hat for you he also comes with a replaceable hand in the ‘Karate Chop’ position so that he can equip his weird looking gun.

Stalker’s armor is adorned in some rustic copper complete with the front part of a Xenomorph head. Eagle eyed fans immediately noticed that ‘Broken Tusk’, a Predator from one of the slightly better Dark Horse comics that wears the same armor is essentially confirmed, so expect to see some form of this mold again in the future.

Stalker Predator proves it’s hip to be square with his uniqueness. His gimmickry is a front and center showpiece for what makes the Kenner Predators so memorable. I know what I like, and over the top features mean the world to me so that makes this figure NICE! (I should ask Jon if we are still doing this). I’ll be interested to see what NECA does with the next Kenner wave, as there is only one more figure they haven’t done that was officially released. I want a new drug! I want to see these prototypes come to fruition! It won’t be until, at the earliest, series 19 which seems like a hundred years from now, but hey it’s alright. In the meantime, I can catch up on curing my Honky Tonk Blues.

The Stalker Predator is currently available on Amazon.


David Boyce

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