Playmates Voltron Legendary Defender Basic Review

Playmates Voltron: Legendary Defender Blue Lion and Lion Attack Voltron

Word on the streets is that people have been really impressed with Dreamworks new Netflix exclusive ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender‘ series. So much so that Playmates saw it fit bring Voltron figures back to retail shelves for a new generation kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Playmates has a complete toy line mapped out and ready to rock for the new Voltron show that is going into its second season over at Netflix on January 20, 2017. First off, we have the basic line which Playmates was kind enough to provide us a few samples to review, but more of that later. The basic line consists of 5.5″ figures of all of the Lions, a couple of fully formed Voltrons, and a Myzax for them to fight. The basic assortments MSRP at $9.99 and include action features which make them great figures for kids.

Next up is the Legendary assortment which will be a really exciting set for the collector types and kids alike out there. This series will contain all five Lions which will transform and combine to form a 16″ fully articulated Voltron from the new show. Each Lion contains 18+ points of articulation, their pilot, and projectile weapons. The Red and Green Lions each contain the two parts to form Voltron’s Blazing Sword! I’ve seen these Lions in stores recently, they’re huge and quite impressive. Keep an eye on Amazon, as the Lions have begun to hit there.

Finally we have the Ultimate Voltron 14″ Electronic Figure. This figure’s MSRP is $39.99 and it’s a highly detailed and feature packed version of the big guy! The figure contains lights, sounds, laser projectiles, and Voltron’s sword. This is a great alternative for collectors or kids alike to have a decent sized Voltron without the investment of buying the five Lions. In addition to that this one has electronics and over twenty phrases and sounds.

As you can see there are a ton of options with this line depending on who you are and how you like your figures. We were provided with a couple of basic figures to take a look at: Blue Lion and Lion Attack Voltron. For a child focused line Playmates certainly made some beautiful sculpts with very nice paint details. The Blue Lion includes a pouncing action feature that is achieved by pulling back the hind legs and then pressing a button on its back to release. Lion Attack Voltron includes a projectile Green Lion arm that fires.

Playmates Voltron Legendary Defender Basic Review

Overall this Voltron series is a great roll out from Playmates. There is a little something for everyone here, so even if you aren’t into the basic line there are still some great transforming and combining robots that looks gorgeous! Check out your local stores or Amazon if you’d like to give Voltron a chance!


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