Mattel WWE Elite Then Now Forever Sami Zayn Review

WWE Mattel Elite Then Now Forever Sami Zayn Review

Wait! Don’t be fooled! He’s just a regular Sami Zayn with a stupid cheap hat! He still embodies all the awful stereotypes he did before!


Sometimes Mattel makes me stupid with their releases. This is a great example, yet I could justify purchasing the Zombies series Bray Wyatt because he came with a sweet jacket. The WWE Then Now Forever series is an exclusive Elite line available only at Wal-Mart. And due to the area I live in, where Wal-Marts are scarce and patrolled by scalpers and repackers 24/7 from what I’ve seen, once again, I was forced to outsource to obtain this particular figure. Last year it was Tyler Breeze, this year it’s Sami Zayn.

I think I prefer this Sami compared to his last Elite release. He’s not as hairy, has a more SRS look to his scan as opposed to the last one, and the tights are a bit more simple. I dig the detail they used on his left knee pad so it maintains the pattern throughout. It’s the little touches like that which make me appreciate the Elite series sometimes.

Articulation wise, it’s standard Elite once again, which is good but not great. Sami can pull off most of his signature holds and moves without much assistance or difficulty. The elbow pads (which can be removed with some effort) make setting up the Brainbustaaaaa! spot a bit difficult, even with the addition of a flight stand.

As far as accessories, yes, he comes with his flat cap and a fabric T-shirt, which I prefer to the goofy looking rubbery ones Mattel seems to be more fond of. Only problem with fabric clothing is if you leave it on a figure for too long, it can stain the plastic. This happened with at least one of my Zack Ryder figures.

Overall, I imagine a lot of people will be seeking out this version of Zayn as opposed to his first Elite release (which was only elusive for a long time because he came with the NXT title as an accessory). With some luck, you may be able to find this one at your local Wal-Mart, but remember, there’s always eBay and Amazon for you diehard completists!


DJ Maniak

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