Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Cyclops (Jim Lee) Review

Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Cyclops Review

This is one we’ve certainly been waiting a while for! Cyclops has certainly seen his fair share of looks and appearances throughout the year. However, the Jim Lee era Cyclops is probably the single most recognizable look for the character. It was featured in the comics, video games, television, and just about everywhere in the 90’s. They’ve since moved on, but I’d say a large percentage of Marvel Legends collectors really wanted this costume.

Oddly enough, in Marvel Legends we only ever got this look once before, and it was in the Toy Biz X-Men Classics line. That release had a whole slew of problems past the action feature that made his visor glow; somehow they also made “Slim” Summers a little bit too slim. Like most old Toy Biz figures the proportions and aesthetic just doesn’t hold up anymore (those humongous ball shoulders!). He had an impressively long run though.

At his core Cyclops is a Bucky Cap body with a new head and some plastic bits to complete the costume’s look. I find it an interesting choice that they did not sculpt his chest straps onto the actual torso. I mean, I do get why they did it. It would require an all new chest that will likely never be reused. On the other hand I’m not entirely in love with the completely separate plastic piece. It tends to ride up when you crunch in Cyclops’ chest. It also rests a little low on his waist.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Cyclops (Jim Lee) Review

The cuffs around his upper leg and the top of his boots are also not sculpted into the body. This causes all kinds of issues because these parts just slide down whenever they damn well feel like it. I really think a couple dabs of glue would have done wonders to keep them in place. Does anybody have suggestions for a glue that will keep them in place, but isn’t strong enough to start eating away at the plastic? I’ve already had to Future one of his knees for being too loose, so I’m not afraid to do minor surgery as needed.

Cyclops is a little light on the accessories seeing as how the only one he includes is Warlock’s leg. He could have at least gotten a few extra hands so that his left one isn’t in a constant state of two fingers sticking out. An optic blast effect would have been ideal, however. But instead we got nothing. He’s not quite as egregious as Old Man Logan since he actually includes a build-a-figure part, but it’s close.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Cyclops (Jim Lee) Review

I think I’ve spent the entirety of this article nit-picking poor Scott. That’s probably not fair, because past his faults I really do like him a lot. They did a great job interpreting the Jim Lee era costume, and were able to give fans that elusive Cyclops they’ve been asking about for years. It’s just a real shame that the Jean Grey that goes with this Scott has one of the worst “derp” faces in recent Hasbro history.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Cyclops (Jim Lee) Review

This wave has been hitting Targets, so keep an eye on your local stores. It has a preorder date of April 15, 2017 so if you can’t find them in stores you’ll have a backup plan, eventually. Admittedly, that wait sucks. As always keep an eye on Amazon as X-Men Marvel Legends could always pop up there.


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  1. I’ve found Gorilla Glue works well with these figures. It’s kind of odd, though, that there’d be problems with the belt when the 1/18th scale Marvel Universe version of the figure uses exactly the same parts (only smaller) to achieve the look and I don’t remember ever having had a problem with that one.

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