Mezco Marvel One:12 The Punisher Review

It’s been almost two years now since Mezco first launched their One:12 Collective line. I know this because I had to look back to my April 2015 review of their Dark Knight Returns Batman for reference. In the the last couple years Mezco took the idea of Hot Toys-quality, tailored 1/12 scale figures and just ran with it. What started as simply DC (and more specifically, Batman) has evolved into an entire brand with licenses like Marvel, Ghostbusters, Universal Monsters, Star Trek, and much more.

High quality/high ticket price lines I generally like to spectate from afar. After all, I only have so much space to work with in my life, and I need a new line to collect like I need a bullet in my head. That said, this Punisher drew me in. He’s bad-ass looking! All three of his Frank heads, but especially the beaten up and bruised one speak to me. One thing I do love about Mezco and this line is that they aren’t afraid to include some overly expressive heads into the mix.

Mezco Marvel One:12 The Punisher Review

Playing around with real clothing on an action figure is a bit of an adjustment for me. The black shirt really attracts and shows dust, so when I take those close up shots it looks like Frank has a little dandruff problem. I may need to invest in a little lint roller to tidy up his outfit between shots. His clothing holds up pretty well! The shirt sleeves can ride up when trying to get into gun-toting poses, but that can also naturally happen with a shirt.

Mezco Marvel One:12 The Punisher Review

Frank comes with a literal arsenal of weapons and accessories to himself. Within the confines of his box you will find the following:

– Stand
– Flight stand
– Three alternate heads
– Three pairs of hands
– Combat knife
– Bullet firing effect
– Assault rifle
– Extra assault rifle clip
– Machine gun
– Extra machine gun clip
– Grenade launcher
– Six grenades
– Handgun
– Extra clip for handgun

Not only does he have all of these weapons, but the clips and grenades can actually be loaded and removed from each one! It’s an entirely unnecessary detail, but so cool that it was actually included. The firing effect can plug into the barrel of any of his guns. Frank has two hands with trigger fingers so double fisting is absolutely encouraged.

If Mezco can make a Punisher this good, I’d really love them to try and bring John Wick to life in the One:12 line. The weapons are already there with this Punisher release. Put together a Keanu head, perhaps a bloody and beaten one as well, and then tailor some nice suits for an instant One:12 John Wick. It’s shocking that the only merchandise for that movie is a Funko POP. Sorry to get off subject, but Mezco …. PLEASE? PLEASE?!

Mezco Marvel One:12 The Punisher Review

Let’s get off the John Wick tangent and back to Frank Castle. This figure is great! The price is a little higher than what I’m used to, but it is more than made up for by the armory included with him, the high quality clothing, and the great sculpt. I wasn’t planning on collecting too much from this line, but The Punisher got my attention and now I have a handful of preorders pending. This line has a real promising future. I’m very interested to see if they tackle a few more X-Men after Wolverine.

Mezco’s One:12 Punisher is currently available on Amazon!


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  1. OHMYGOD YES! John Wick would be amazing! I’m in the same boat with this line. I only have DKR Batman (blue and grey) and BvS Batman, but they’re amazing and I’ll certainly grab any other guys they make that I want in my collection *coughYellowandBlueWolverinecough*.


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