Toy Fair 2017 NECA Heroes of the Storm

Toy Fair 2017: NECA Heroes of the Storm and Team Fortress 2

Kept you waiting, eh? It’s been a hot minute since we’d heard much about NECA’s Heroes of the Storm action figure line. After some pretty rocking releases for the Blizzard property in 2015 we expected to see something last year, but unfortunately, delays occurred. Hopefully, everything is back on track now with NECA showing off three characters from the line with an expected release date of second quarter 2017.

Warcraft’s Thrall and Sylvannas Windrunner, as well as Starcraft’s Jim Raynor will be joining the previous five releases in NECA’s action figure line. Check out the painted 2-up prototypes from NECA’s Toy Fair 2017 showroom.

Toy Fair 2017 NECA Team Fortress 2

And Team Fortress 2? I thought that was dead and we had no hope of completing the team! Turns out NECA and Valve worked it out and they will get to finish what they started. The Medic, Sniper, and Scout will finally complete the Team Fortress 2 roster. Third quarter of 2017 is the expected release date.

Hope you held on to your original releases!

Update: I got a chance to talk to Randy Falk from NECA regarding the Team Fortress 2 missing three release. Multiple people asked me if they would be doing the blue variants, or if they will be reissuing the prior figures. I was told that this deal is weeks fresh so not everything has been ironed out. Valve came to them recently about maybe completing the team and doing some stuff for the 10 year anniversary of Team Fortress 2.

He hopes that they can work it out so that both new and old fans can have access to the entire team, possibly in both color schemes. They also may have a couple surprises planned. We shall see how it goes, but either way getting that team completed would be a feat as it would be the first toy/collectible line ever to do so with TF2.


13 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2017: NECA Heroes of the Storm and Team Fortress 2”

  1. I am so happy that they are finally going to make Scout, Medic and Sniper to round up the Team Fortress 2 line…unless they’ll surprised us with a Miss Pauling figure in the future.

    I’m definitely looking forward to the Scout figure. He looks incredible! And while I’m not a fan of Medic, I look forward to him too because he looks great too!

    And while I’m also glad that Neca is continuing the Heroes of the Storm line, I’m still waiting for them to make some Overwatch figures!

    1. Unfortunately looks like NECA won’t be touching Overwatch. Good Smile picked up the license and they already have a Figma of Tracer and Genji in the works.

      TF2 should be fun … I hope at least! Looks like they have some 10th anniversary plans so I hope for maybe a box set or other surprises. At the very least let me complete the red and blue team.

  2. What does it mean “Both new and old fans can have access to the entire team” ? Are they going to re-release the whole series so they’re not as expensive?

  3. HI I am a grandmother of a 9yr. old boy who only wants Team fortress action set for Christmas both blue and red.
    I have been able to purchase several on the secondary market. But still need red & blue Scout and Medic in red and blue also need blue spy. and I guess red n blue sniper. Can they be preordered? and how do I go about it. I am not very good with bidding or the computer. But My Grandson really really really wants them for Christmas and I really want to make him happy. He has type one diabetes. and has to go through a lot with that. with needles several times a day. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.



    1. Hey Kathy, sorry to hear about your grandson’s ailment. It’s awesome that you are trying to track these down for him. Unfortunately, since this announcement NECA has been abnormally silent about completing the team. Normally if they are releasing something they will send out ordering information to online retailers, etc. And there hasn’t been anything yet.

      You probably have all the ones that have been made now, NECA’s done the following:

      Soldier Red & Blue
      Heavy Red & Blue
      Pyro Red and Blue
      Demoman Red and Blue
      Spy Red
      Engineer Red

      So that leave the following that have not been done:

      Engineer Blue
      Spy Blue
      Medic Red and Blue
      Sniper Red and Blue
      Scout Red and Blue

      It’s a shame because literally no company has been able to complete the TF2 team in action figure or statue format. 🙁

      Not sure if he’s into them but Funko just started putting out TF2 figures in POP format. There are only three so far, but I probably have more faith in Funko completing the team eventually before NECA does. If you are interested here are the links:


      Sorry, it’s not the ideal answer. But hope it helps!

      1. Jon, Thanks so much I actually purchased a full box of them. I also found blue engineer. Merry Christmas. and best wishes. I will keep checking this site incase of new news

  4. ;Any idea when the tf2 action figures are due out. want to preorder. By the way the blue engineer wasn’t an action figure it was a statue from Japan. one of 750 in world I was told. I keep checking but no one has a date yet.

    Thanks Kathy

    1. I checked in with Randy at NECA and all he’s said so far is that they are still coming. I’m gonna guess at this point 1st quarter next year at the earliest. Unless they surprise us.

  5. Not sure if anyone knows this already, but NECA did say they are going to release the figures towards the end of 2017. If I have to guess, they’re probably going to release them near Christmas. I know for sure the figures will be released this month.

  6. I’m assuming the figures for TF2 are taking so long to release is because the sniper figure is being resculpted and changed because the ones we’ve seen so far are only prototypes and from various posts on the internet, people said the Sniper without his glasses is just WRONG. So there is a possibility that NECA might be making a new Sniper head with glasses are fixing the feet for being posing it. And like you said, Jon, NECA might be doing some stuff for the 10 year anniversary, so another figure or two to be released like Miss Pauling or Saxton Hale. I just hope the portable mercs will be released as well.

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