Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends

What we’ve all been waiting for, Toy Fair 2017’s Marvel Legends reveals! Not everything was shown on the floor, so I will supplement some parts with provided press pictures.

So let’s get right in to it …

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Wave 2 Mantis Build-a-Figure
Rocker with Baby Groot
Deaths Head II
Ex Nihilo
Adam Warlock

Toyfair 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends

Spider-Man Legends Homecoming/Wave 2 Vulture’s Wings Build-a-Figure
Movie Spider-Man
Movie Homemade Suit Spider-Man
Movie Vulture
Moon Knight (Marvel NOW)
Cosmic Spider-Man

Toyfair 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends

Netflix/Defenders Series (No Build-a-Figure Announced, but it was stated that it was not a Netflix character)
Jessica Jones

Toyfair 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends

Six-Inch Jane Foster Thor was announced for Fall of 2017, likely a Thor: Ragnorok figure.


Toyfair 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends

Invisible Woman (Should Be Out Soon)
Human Torch (Coming Fall)

Toys ‘R’ Us
A-Force Box Set – She-Hulk, Loki, Singularity, Sif, Monica Rambeau, and Elsa Bloodstone
Spider-Man and Mary Jane Two-Pack
Cyclops and Dark Phoenix Two-Pack

Ultimate Vulture  and Spider-Man Two-Pack
10″ Ravager Jacket Groot (Not six-inch Marvel Legends, but adorable none the less!)

Toyfair 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends

Twelve-inch Symbiote Spider-Man
A Yet to Be Announced Thor: Ragnarok Two-Pack

Entertainment Earth
EGO and Star Lord Two-Pack


1 thought on “Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends”

  1. If they have a Marvel Legends wave to tie-in with Thor:Ragnarok, I hope they can re-release Hela from the 2015 Comic-Con exclusive box set and give us a brand new Tom Hiddleston Loki figure. As much as I still like the first Avengers film Loki, he definitely needs an upgrade in sculpt and articulation now when compared to the newer released MCU figures.

    I look forward to Gamora and Rocket Raccoon! I’m so glad that Rocket will be more articulated than the previous figure. But let’s hope the newer figure can justify the $40 price tag (In my country, the average price of a Marvel Legends figure is $40.)

    I’m happy to see Netflix Daredevil and Elektra getting the Marvel Legends treatment! Now let’s hope they can give us Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Wilson Fisk and/or Kilgrave.

    It’s also really exciting to see Mary Jane FINALLY getting a Marvel Legends figure. I look forward to adding her to my Marvel Legends display!

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